Factors that determine Motorised Knapsack sprayer price in Kenya

In the recent past, agriculture has been the most source of income in Kenya and most people are venturing into it. To control crop pests and parasites on livestock, a knapsack sprayer is an essential equipment for farmers. In this article, I am going to talk more about motorized knapsack sprayers.

More about motorized knapsack sprayer

For some time, knapsack sprayers have been in Kenya for a long. With modern technology, investors have every time come up with modernized knapsack sprayers with improved features. These features have made the sprayer more effective and efficient with daily arising needs. What is this equipment called a knapsack sprayer? And where can one get it in Kenya?

A motorized knapsack sprayer is just the same as the normal sprayer. The only difference is that the motorized sprayer is fitted with an engine. This makes the spraying process more effective and quick. When using this sprayer one can cover a large area compared to someone using the normal sprayer. And also one does not get tired quickly because one doesn’t have to move with the lever while spraying.

Motorised Knapsack sprayer price in Kenya

In Kenya, there are various types of motorized knapsack sprayers and most people get it difficult to choose which sprayer is appropriate for them. The following are features that determine Motorised Knapsack sprayer price in Kenya. Also one should consider them while looking for a good motorized knapsack sprayer.

Ease to use

The modern motorized knapsack sprayer comes with a variety of features which makes it easy to use with ease. No special skills are required, it’s as simple as using the manual knapsack sprayer. The advantage of this sprayer is that it comes with accessories one will use to make spraying easier.

The engine is sensitive and to refill and start. Nominal and maximum levels of filling are marked clearly to make it easy for users to know the levels to which they are to fill the knapsack sprayer tank. The sprayer comes with fully working parts no need to assemble other parts.

Lightweight and ergonomic

The motorized knapsack sprayer should be made of lightweight materials. Most of them are made of quality plastic materials with a small powerful engine that doesn’t add too much weight to the sprayer. With these features, one can work with this sprayer all day without being fatigued y heavy loads on their back.

Easy cleaning and maintenance

For motorized knapsack sprayers, they are pretty easy to clean and maintain. The large and easily removable lid makes the interior of the tank easy to clean as it is easily accessible. The exterior part of the sprayer is made of durable plastic that is easy to clean. All that one needs to clean is water and soap. The knapsacks nozzles can be removed, and adjusted which makes cleaning easy.


  • The motorized knapsack sprayers have the following features to ensure the user’s safety.
  • Its engine exhaust is safely directed from the user.
  • They are fixed properly to avoid unnecessary leakages
  • It doesn’t have abrasive edges or sharp objects that can harm users
  • The fuel tank is easily refilled without oil spillage on the engine
  • It has a silent engine.


The sprayer’s engine is securely mounted and shielded to protect it from damages especially physical. It is also made up of durable and superior plastic that can stay long outdoor and are resistant to UV radiation.


A motorized knapsack sprayer is very essential in our daily lives either directly or indirectly. Controlling pests, parasites and also it’s been used to spray areas infected with a virus such as covid 19.

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