Factors to Consider Before Buying a Generator

Generators are types of machine that produces electrical power in the aspect of current and voltage. Hence there are two types of generators which included DC (direct current) and AC(alternating current) generators which can be used according to different situations. Therefore, generators are known to make work easier especially when electrical power is off. That is why it is this article, I will discuss various factors you should consider before buying a generator.

In the current world, there are improvements of technology such as the introduction of generators which makes works easier especially when there are no other means of power. Hence generators can be used at homes, schools, offices, industries, churches and various places where you need to use them. They are different types of generators and that is why in this article I will discuss various features you should consider before purchasing a generator.

Size of a generator

When choosing the generator currently, you should consider the size you require according to the work you want it to perform. Small generators are known to produce less energy as compared to big generators. They contain two wattage ratings which include surge watting and running wattage. Hence keep in mind when choosing the size of a generator, always considered the running wattage and surge wattage in case you need extra work to be done with it


It is always important to consider the warranty on your machine before purchasing it. Most generators for sale in Kenya may have a short or long warranty period or even not all equipment may have a warranty. That is why it is always important to go through your generator manual guide to check the security of the item and how safe it is.


This is another important factor to consider when you want to purchase a generator. The question that you should ask yourself is whether you want a portable generator that you can be able to be moved easily or one that stays in a specific place. The portability of a generator should be considered according to the work you want to be performing. This is because big generators that perform heavy work cannot be portable as compared to small generators.

Loads you require to power with a generator.

Thus before you purchase a generator, make sure you consider what you want to power with that generator especially those that are used at home may require fewer generators as compared to those that may be in big places like industry. That is why before you purchase a generator, always check the type of load you want to be powered with a generator.

Hence, in conclusion, the above-mentioned are the main factors one should consider before purchasing a generator which includes portability of a generator, warranty, size of a generator and also the type of loads you want to power with your generator. There are the best types of generators and you can buy them in various shops countywide or order one online and be delivered to you where you are.

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