Factors to Consider when purchasing Dayliff water pumps in Kenya

Water pumps usually provide power energy for surface pumping as well as submersible pumping. Most water pumps are electric, solar, or generator. Water pumps are available for use in commercial sectors and domestic sectors. This article focuses on factors to assess when purchasing Dayliff water pumps.

A pump as a hydraulic machine is designed to maximize the fluid’s mechanical energy mostly water. The contemporary world has embraced the usage of water pumps, as they have an elevated value as they assist in pumping water from one system to another. Dayliff water pumps are often available for usage in households, schools, hospitals, and commercially owned ventures.

Flow rate

The efficacy of a specific water pump is determined by its flow rate. Flow rate is typically the time a pump takes to transfer a given quantity of water by pumping that is normally gauged in liters/minute. For sites that need a large quantity of water like farms or construction sites, you should acquire a water pump that can pump more than 2500 liters/minute.

Also, any Dayliff water pump that has 100 to 200 liters/minute as a flow rate is fit for domestic use.

The pump quality

Several brands have definitive features. If you need a quality Dayliff water pump, select the one whose motor is rigorous in terms of performance. Research broadly, you can even ask questions in forums that provide such information.


Dayliff water pumps prices in Kenya range from one type of pump to another. It’s just logical to be cautious when it comes to price since everyone loves value for their money. It is advisable to browse through the internet, take your time. Find something that matches what you need then make your order without having an after feeling of being robbed of your money.

The inlet size

Inlet size matters a lot as it is the one that regulates the flow of water into the pump. Vastly, pumps are designed with 1-6 inches of inlet size, but there are some which are bigger.

Maximum head

This is the maximum distance in altitude that a specific pump may strive to cover during the pumping. For example, if you resort to buying a Dayliff water pump that has an 80 meters maximum head, its flow rate opts to be zero if the water is pumped above the level. You should choose a pump whose maximum head is greater than the altitude of the intended pumping.

The water type needed for pumping

The category of the water needed for pumping is also as important. Features that are in firefighting pumps vary from the ones in transfer pumps. Other categories of water pumps are trash and chemical pumps.

Bottom line

When purchasing a Dayliff water pump, you need to consider various vital factors that may guide you on what to buy and what to avoid. These factors are; water pump prices in Kenya, water pump’s flow rate, inlet size, quality of the pump, and maximum head among others.

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