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Features of Safety jogger shoes and Prices in Kenya

Shoes could be fancy but safety jogger shoes are incredible; they are incredible in a way that they offer protection from daily work mishaps. They have distinctive technical features that go to a greater length in offering safety in a busy workstation.

Maximum safety promotes peace of mind. When one is in their right state of mind their productivity will hit the ceiling. Safety jogger shoes offer maximum protection to laborers who work in places that may render risks to their health. They have technical features designed to help in minimizing risks in workplaces.

Features of safety jogger shoes

Electrical hazard

Safety jogger shoes which are electrical hazards provide derivative protection from electrocution and electric shocks. The conception of the idea of electrical hazard is based on the exterior of the safety shoes made with non-conductive elements, and therefore there is no electrical surge that can loop through one’s body if you have these shoes on.


When you work outdoors most of the time, it is just typical to work in an environment that may be subjected to an excess flow of water as a result of heavy downpours. Safety jogger shoes have a water-resistant feature that prevents water from surging into your feet causing discomfort. They are made to enhance comfort to the wearer.


It could be draining researching on safety jogger shoes price in Kenya when you know you will get a shoe whose sole may crumble after few days of action. Most safety jogger shoes are fitted with 2 materials attached to a mold, the final chemical reaction creates polyurethane (PU). Polyurethane results in weightless flexible soles which are shock absorbers as well as incredibly hard-wearing shoes.

Slip resistant

Work station accidents rarely occur if one has safety jogger shoes on. Minor accidents as a result of tripping, falling, or slipping ought to reduce to a minimum level when slip resistant safety shoes are considered. Slippery surfaces are quite catastrophic, as they may lead to tripping or sliding, with safety joggers the risk can be minimized.


Safety jogger shoes are made with materials that offer aeration. When your feet are always in a cool space, you will feel comfortable and this will also ease the flow of blood through your feet minimizing swelling. Not only is it useful in the provision of air to the feet, but it also prevents comfort wrecks such as foot odor or infections caused by fungus.

Quality counts, breathability may make the list of quality features that these shoes possess. These safety shoes offer a broad exhibition, therefore, always settle for quality.


These safety shoes act as conductive footwear. They safeguard electrical appliances by transmitting electrical current to the surface deterring static shock. Such shoes are suitable in industries where anything regarding static shock may be a problem or may cause an explosion or fire.


If you are in dilemma regarding the best safety jogger shoes to choose from, study the features, does any match with the condition of your workplace? If yes, then that is just what you need to ensure your safety.

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