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Milking machines are widely used in several farms to increase the quality and quantity of production. This is done by reducing stress during the lactation period through the creation of a convenient milking routine. Common types of milking machines in Kenya are the bucket and pipeline systems all with different components and varying prices. Get one with a price range of Ksh 56 000 to Ksh 75 000.

Milking of cows by the use of machines is slowly being embraced in variousdairy farms in the country. This process is three times faster compared to hand milking saving on labour especially for a farmer with a large herd. Cow milking machines have also been associated with increased yields. Even though the cost of setting up these equipment is high, it is worth it for a better milking job.

Operating a milking machine

First of all, ensure that the cow’s udders are cleaned and massaged before milking. Dry cleaning is acceptable if the teats are clean but if not, clean them with warm water. Turn on the machine and use the valve on the claw to cap the vacuum up to 15 psi. The constant vacuum keeps the teat cups attached to the cow.

Air moves into the pulsation chamber to allow the liner to collapse releasing milk from the teats to the cup. Approach the cow from behind and place the first cup on the first teat forcing the vacuum to release till the teat cup is fully sealed around the teats. A vacuum operates by squeezing milk from the uddersDo the same on the remaining teats.

Watch the udder and milk flow until the desired amount is attained then seal the vacuum again to remove all the cups at once. Once it’s done, release it and turn off the machine at around 5 psi. In most cases, milking machines for cows in Kenya prices depend on whether the equipment is a single or double one.

Choosing a cow milking machine

What is your level of production?

As stated earlier, milking machines can be used to stimulate better yields but this cannot be possible for cows with low production particularly less than ten litres per milking session. Here, hand or manual milking is preferred. If your cows’ level of production is higher, install the equipment for increased efficiency.

Number of cattle

Yes, milking machines are very beneficial compared to sore hands but it is uneconomical to set them up for a single cow. A Single milking equipment is preferred for a herd size of 6 to 12 animals and a double one for a larger herd perhaps 20 to 26 dairy animals. Read more about 7starhd

How are the machines powered?

Milking machines for cows in Kenya prices are also affected by the manner in which the vacuum and milk pumps are driven. Most of them use electricity and they are a bit costly while others use solar energy.

The quality of manual labour provided

Hand milking in Kenya is affordable compared to mechanization. Are your milking employees skilled? Cows that are not fully milked reduce their levels of production gradually compared to those milked wholly. Although the cost of milking machines is higher compared to manual, you will be sure of the udder health and enough yields.
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When selecting a milking system, don’t always go for the cheaper options because they might not be reliable. Think of the warranty period, durability of the machines, ease of cleaning and whether the spare parts are easily available for replacement when worn out. Several types and sizes of milking machines are now available in the Kenyan market. For more information Click here movierulz

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