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First Birthday Celebration: Unique Ideas to Make the Day Memorable

The first birthday is always special; a baby’s completing his/her first year in this world is a lifetime memory. It is a moment that is very close to the heart. And parents love to capture every moment of the day to show the little pumpkin when they grow up.

So, everything requires planning, from birthday cakes to food and decoration. Even though the little champ does not understand what is happening on the day, parents go for a grand celebration. And any great celebration needs enormous planning to save time and make the day less stressful.

As such, read the article more to know the tips to make the first birthday filled with happiness:

Plan a Baby-Friendly Party

It’s the baby’s day, and every priority must be given to the toddler. So, babyproofing must be done to the place where the party is going to happen. Avoid any sharp objects or corners which harm the little pumpkin. Meanwhile, if the party is going to be held in the house, there is no need for much work because people with children already might have a baby-friendly home. But, if the plan is an outdoor party, check the surroundings thoroughly. Ask the help of friends and relatives to get suggestions for outdoors which are baby-friendly.

Avoid the Crowd

It is the first birthday party after the Covid-19’s restricted life. And most babies won’t be used to the big crowd, and there is a chance that the group might startle them. But some kids get too excited to see a group too.

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A first birthday party is not a day to take a risk, so it is better to avoid the public from keeping the baby in a good mood. So, make a list of guests consisting of friends and families close to the parents. Let the party be the day of an intimate gathering. From the second birthday onwards, the little one will welcome more guests. And there are many more birthday cakes to cut, so don’t worry at all.

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Customise the Invitation Cards

First birthday invitation cards are always unique, and to make it extra special, customise them. After making the list of the guests, it’s time to finalise the invitation design. As such, including the photograph of the toddler in the invitation is a brilliant idea as it is their day. Include every detail in it no matter how understandable it is to avoid last-minute confusion and stress. It will help to make the party a day of relaxation.

Consider the Schedule of the Baby

Every baby has a unique schedule. Some wake up early in the morning and have a nap at noon, while some would not sleep the whole night, keeping the parents awake and sleeping until noon. So, while planning the party, consider the baby’s schedule to feel comfortable. It is better to trim the party into two hours maximum because the sleeping hours of babies should be eighteen hours a day. So, arranging the party according to these two hours is enough to host a memorable day.

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Go for Bright Decorations

Babies will get excited with glittery and bright things. So, design a magical wonderland just for them by adding colourful decorations to the party. Add more balloons and streamers to the design. Remember to use only objects which are comfortable for the toddlers. As such, colourful decorations will give a vibrant look to the picture.

A Professional Photographer

Hire a professional photographer to shoot every beautiful moment of the day. Take the best photos of the day to remember the sweet memories of the first birthday party.

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