Five Best Ways to Lead a Mining Company Successfully

To run a mining business is not an easy task to perform. It consists of many departments with different tasks to carry on the whole mining procedure. What is the secret behind leading a mining company successfully? Simply hiring skillful people with experience is just not enough. According to research, previous work experience is not an appropriate indicator to show that employees will perform well. They need to know how to work together, coordinate, and achieve company aims together. Good teamwork leads to success.

Trillium Gold is a successful gold mining company focused on the exploration, acquisition, and development of gold mining projects in the Red Lake district, Ontario.

Here are five best ways you need to know when leading a mining company:

  • Set your Goals

When you have your whole team ready, set the goals you have made for your company’s success. Always make sure that every member of your team is clear about what the aims are and what role they are supposed to play in achieving it, including their specific responsibilities. Keep the team updated on the progress daily, so they are motivated to do more. If necessary, write the goals on a bulletin board with big letters for daily reminders.

Trillium Gold stock has assembled the largest land package in and around the Red Lake Mining district because of setting clear goals.

  • Hire Right People

As a leader, you know best what skills are needed for a particular position in the mining company. Hire the right people with the right skills and abilities to avoid future inconveniences.

  • Clear Communication

Everyone in the team has a right to speak whether they want to input, advise or offer a critique. You should make a few rules of communication before so that no fights occur during the meeting. You can also have short weekly stand-up meetings of fifteen minutes in which the team is aware of the weekly goals and the progress they have made. Other than this, you can also conduct regular roundtable meetings, perhaps a morning or an evening tea, where the whole team gathers around and discusses and shares their ideas for the company’s success.

  • Be Trustworthy

To build trust, you need to show your team members that you believe in their abilities and respect their hard work. Show appreciation to even the smallest achievement they have done, encourage them, and keep them motivated. Listen to every team member with an open mind and give feedback accordingly.

  • Have Fun in the Workplace

Mining is tough, and working long hours in a team can be tougher. In every job, there must be some factor of enjoyment as well. Take out some time for the team members to get to know each other well and establish connections. Talk about anything outside of work. Having fun during long working hours refreshes the brain and increases creativity and productivity. A study by Loma Linda University showed that people who laughed through a 20-minute video improved their learning ability by 40 percent as their stress hormone cortisol decreased by 45 percent.


Being a leader is a tough job in a mining company. You must practice the above ways with your team members to make your company a success.

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