Frequently Asked Questions about Online Slots

Slots, more popularly known as slot machines, are gambling machines in which the combinations within the reels award variable prizes. Each slot has a different theme and although the operation is quite similar between all of them, each one has its own characteristics and its own extra games.

1. How to win at Slots?

Winning at slots in the long term is mathematically improbable, but it should also be noted that they are the casino games with the highest potential prizes, especially in the event that the user wins an accumulated Jackpot in any of the slots. At least one of these jackpots is awarded every day on joker123 Casino, thanks to the daily jackpot.

2. the Most Popular Slots

As we have already mentioned, each slot has a different theme and is set in movies, historical figures or video games. Among the favorites of users are Narcos (set in the popular series that narrates the life of Pablo Escobar), Vikings (also based on the TV series), Jumanji… even the singer Ozzy Osbourne has his own slot!

3. How to Play Slots?

Playing slots is very simple, the mechanism of all of them is very similar: just choose the amount to bet on each spin and press the button for the reels to start. Once that is done, chance determines the prizes that the slot awards and you just have to hope that luck is on your side.

4. Can I play Slots for free?

Of course! At joker123 all slots and casino games like blackjack or roulette have a version called Demo version where you can have fun or learn to play without spending a single dollar. Enter any of the games, and once it opens on your screen, click on the top and select the practice tab.

5. Is it safe to play online slots for real money?

Online slots have a random number generator mechanism that ensures the unpredictability of the result. The so-called RNG (Random Number Generator) ensures the perfect functioning of this mechanism and the consequent fairness and security of the game.

6. How to choose between one online slot or another?

The first thing we advise you to do is take a look at our online slots offer. Don’t just look at the ones that, due to theme or graphics, catch your attention at first sight: it is interesting that you take into account the RTP, that is, the return to the player that all slots have. 

7. Is it worth playing slots?

This will obviously depend on whether you like slots in general, and in particular one whose theme or game mechanics are especially attractive to you. We will have to look at what is known as RTP (“return to the player”), that is, the percentage that indicates how much of what the player has invested can be converted into profits.

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