Gaza journalists share their thoughts on the current escalation saying this time it is different

This time the escalation regarding the Israel-Palestine conflict is over the moon, in the past Israel did blow off the steam by firing rockets at Gaza in which multiple Palestinians did lose their life but the events used to cool down after a specific time but this time it is different. It seems that Israel is on a personal vendetta to wipe out the existence of Palestinians and instead of doing it one by one it is doing so by firing rockets that are taking down entire buildings and the living apartments and economic centers, it is real and it is happening right now. More than 213 people have been killed ruthlessly in these attacks that are centered on Gaza and the west bank which is a Palestinian majority area.

Many reporters and journalists have come forward reporting their concerns on this continuation of the bombings and firing of the rockets at the innocent Palestinians. It seems that this time around Israel wants to completely wipe out Palestinians and want to suppress their voice forever but that is highly unlikely given the fact that Palestinians are protesting against this ruthless violence from Israel and are condemning these actions. They don’t have any resources to even defend themselves but the people of Palestine will not lower their voices for asking for their rights as humans which also points towards them.

Talking about international law it is clear that the journalists capturing the whole scenario should not be beaten or interrupted but Israeli armed forces are not respecting these rules and laws and are doing everything to escalate violence. The journalist tower in Gaza has been hit in the previous week and it is now a big pile of rubble, even the journalists and the reporting staff are not safe against this ruthless oppression.

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Not only this but the doctorate staff and medical workers are being chased off and beaten viciously by the Israeli armed forces and if this was not enough the wounded or those who are being treated are also harassed by Israel, it is like they have forgotten entirely how to be civilized or humans or care for others, it is plain genocide of the Palestinians. It is not the same that it used to be this time Israel wants an endgame, to completely rid Palestinians from their homeland and taking control of their land. It is an endless circle of fear and exhaustion where everyone is a target and being surrounded by fire.

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What can be done on a dialogue table should not be escalated into a war in which the other side doesn’t even have anything to defend themselves as it is pure brutality at its heart. Intentional organizations such as the UN should step in to end the Israeli brutality and false oppression towards the Palestinians. It is still not too late as with enough support from the UN the matter could be resolved and the Palestinians might finally have a chance at their separate homeland.

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