Get to Know Different Types of Pallet Jacks

A pallet jack, also known as a pallet pump, is a trolley designed to transport pallets. It contains wheels which make it easy to move and use. Track forks are slotted underneath the pump handle, and the pallet is used to raise or lower the load.

At the same time, a pallet is a horizontal wooden structure made to transport commodities/goods safely and in a stable form when lifted by a pallet jack, forklift, front loader, erect crane, or jacking device. Pallets make the packaging and storage of the goods safe and straightforward.

Different goods are handled differently during transportation and packaging, depending on how fragile or perishable they are. Pallet jacks do an excellent job in ensuring such goods reach their destination undamaged. Pallet jacks are handheld and use the workforce to function. They have wheels that support them to move effectively to desired locations. This article focuses on the basic information about pallet jacks.

Where are pallet jacks used?

Pallet jacks are used in stockrooms, warehouses, and other places like stores containing pallets. It Is hard to move a loaded pallet without a pallet jack.

Types of pallet jacks

 Pallet tracks are of different kinds and types to suit all the varying needs of the user. They include;

Electric-powered pallet jacks

This jack is electric-powered, which gives it more power to handle heavier loads. It has a capacity of 1500kgs and can overcome ramps. It is, therefore, suitable for use in delivery lorries.

Galvanised pallet jacks

This pallet jack has all exposed metal parts galvanized, i.e., the pump frame and the handle. It is suitable for fish, dairies, meat, chemical industries, pharmaceutical, and other harsh environment.

 Pallet jacks with built-in weighing scales

This pallet jack has a weighing scale installed that helps weigh the loads without necessarily considering them separately. It is very suitable for freight packages to save time and energy.

Extra-long and wide pallet jacks

The forks of this jack measure two meters long and have a capacity of one tonne. It is ideal for transporting heavy and wide loads in warehouses and stores.

Mini pallet jack

This pallet jack effectively transports smaller pallets that may not necessarily require a larger track.

Low profile pallet Jack

This pallet is specifically designed to transport or move low pallets, just as the name sounds. It performs this role perfectly due to its lowered fork height of 51 mm.

High lift pallet jack

The high lift pallet jack is designed to load and offload pallets, feed presses, and any other application that needs to be lifted or moved—also positioning containers of materials and pallets.

This high lift pallet jack is essential since it helps reduce the likelihood of injuries due to constant bending when offloading the pallets. Due to its scissor mechanism, this pallet jack is practical and unique.

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Rough terrain pallet Jack

This type of pallet jack contains bearings on the driving axle self-lubricating. They are therefore easy to move around.They are ideal for use on uneven grounds like construction sites or garden centers due to their adjustable width between the forks.


This article has covered the basics of types of a pallet jack, and it would be helpful for someone needing one. For more, check pallet truck price in Kenya.

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