GoDaddy vs. HostGator

Every website needs a good hosting platform. HostGator vs. GoDaddy will be an amazing competition and choice for your site. HostGator is no doubt a winner.

HostGator has better scalable plans as compared to GoDaddy. That’s why it gets a better ranking than GoDaddy.

HostGator has amazing 24/7 help and support, but GoDaddy hosting fails in Infront of HostGator.

They both have a good reputation in the market and have become good competitors for hosting.

In this article, we have properly gone through the features of both the platforms, GoDaddy and

After Bluehost and Fynd Platform,; hostgatorwas considered the best hosting option.

However, GoDaddy takes the 7th position in our ranking. Both platforms, GoDaddy and HostGator, have amazing features.

Please keep reading to learn more about GoDaddy vs. HostGator.

HostGator vs GoDaddy – Better E-commerce store builder

Nowadays everyone desires to have a store or site with maximum benefits and low budget. HostGator and GoDaddy, both are one of the top options for that.

HostGator has better worth as it have affordable plans and amazing customer service.

On the other hand, GoDaddy is go to option for people who wants to set up small e-commerce store as it allows unlimited traffic which will be beneficial for them.

Fynd Platform is better as compared to both, GoDaddy and HostGator in terms of e-commerce store building.

Fynd Platform- better e-commerce store builder

Fynd Platform is one of the best offline/ online e-commerce store builders. It has great backup of  cloud infrastructure and cutting-edge technologie tos.

Fynd Platform is one of the highly rated e-commerce store builder and as per our research, it have 4.9/5 ratings.


  • With drag-and-drop editor, it becomes extremely easy to use, even if you are inexperienced.
  • Moreover, it has amazing bundle of eCommerce tools, which makes it go to option to open an ecommerce store.
  • It’s amazing tools and extensive apps, have every tool which is needed to make any size of store
  • With it’s creative nature, you are free to customize the store as you want.

Who can use Fynd Platform?

Store owners

People who are looking for better platform to open their store and handle their activities , then Fynd Platform is go to option option for them.

Business owners

Fynd Platform is the best for all types of business whether it’s small scaled or large.


Fynd Platform is best option for the bloggers who want get good aundience and grow their blog.

Which has Better WordPress Integration? HostGator vs. GoDaddy

HostGator WordPress integration is easy to use, simple and fast.

No doubt, HostGator has much better WordPress, no matter how much GoDaddy looks strong. HostGator is fast to install as compared to GoDaddy.

Moreover, HostGator has a very simple WordPress control panel, making the integration process efficient.

GoDaddy set-up is super easy and simple, but it takes 24 hours to come into action. But HostGator can have a WordPress site created and ready to use in minutes.

However, this point only makes much difference once or unless you are in a hurry.

With GoDaddy, integration gets super easy and fast. Once your site is ready, you don’t need to contact your hosting site. You have the information in your hosting platform; meanwhile, you will get to know if there will be something problematic.

Customer Service

GoDaddy has some needs to improve in the customer service department.

It has only toll-free call-in product support or live chat support but no ticketing option. However, live support is inconsistent, so you have to wait for around one hour.

On the other hand, HostGator has a 24/7 live chat email and a ticketing system, providing the best customer support. The company is known for its amazing fast customer service.

Both platforms have a money-back guarantee, so you can try them out before buying them. HostGator has 45 days trial period, while GoDaddy has 30 days trial period.

Storage & Security

With HostGator basic plan, you can have one website with solid-state drive (SSD) storage and bandwidth, and even a free email account and free secure sockets layer (SSL) certificate come with it.

On the other hand, GoDaddy’s basic plan offers you to host one site with 100 GB SSD storage, a free domain, unlimited bandwidth, and a completely free Microsoft 365 email account.

The features will vary as per the plans.

GoDaddy doesn’t have a secure sockets layer (SSL) certificate for its Economy or Deluxe plans. If you can get this feature without paying a third-party SSL provider, you will go for the Ultimate plan at double the monthly cost.

Hosting management: ease of use

When we compare HostGator vs. GoDaddy’s ease of use, they are poles apart. Both have a custom dashboard to provide settings which is the most important.

Even for advanced customization, cPanel interfaces are also available. Moreover, both are modern and intuitive in-house website builders.

When you opt for any hosting platform, you must wonder if it should be as easy as possible. So you can spend more time setting up your site.

Account management dashboard

Both GoDaddy and HostGator have user-friendly interfaces by default. You can access only a few tools from the main dashboard.

HostGator interface has links to useful tools.

You can access your dashboard’s tools, such as SSL management, WordPress installation, and email accounts.

There’s a menu on the left side, and the cPanel link is also provided.

GoDaddy’s user interface is not only smooth but attractive. No doubt, its setup is slightly different; however, your signed-up products and services will be visible on the dashboard.

When you log in to GoDaddy, it will instruct you to download WordPress first. After that, it will work as a hub, and you will have to instruct the site.

Control panel comparison

Both GoDaddy and HostGator have cPanel control panels.

However, HostGator has the advanced version of the c panel. While GoDaddy has a basic cPanel version.

The color scheme and layout are the only difference between the platforms and the c panel.

GoDaddy is quite similar to HostGator!

It has all the necessary tools, such as file manager, email, and domain management. Like in HostGator, you can also monitor basic information with the help of a panel on the left of the screen.

Unlimited Bandwidth Allowances

The pocket-friendly shared hosting plans from HostGator and GoDaddy is great for small and personal uses such as business websites and you can use the Website Builder option to create your own online store..

There is amazing storage and bandwidth on every HostGator plan. In GoDaddy, your usage is monitored.

The hosts will contact you if you use more than the reasonable usage.

Sometimes you have to move to better plan and source. Plus, you can read more detailed terms and conditions while signing the contract.

These plans work great with WordPress sites and non-WordPress sites.

Domain name registration

If you don’t have a domain name for your site, you don’t have to worry, as both platforms have free domain names for 12 months after signing up.

Therefore, you must pay renewal fees, which vary per the domain extension. However, it will prove to be better as it will be cheaper to register your domain in different places and then point it to HostGator or GoDaddy.

You can try out any of them, GoDaddy or HostGator. But to go for any alternative, Fynd Platform is the best option.

Website backup

Keeping a backup of everything is a must! It’s one of the important parts of managing the site. With both shared plans, HostGator and GoDaddy allow you to back up the data.

GoDaddy and HostGator give you features to back up your cPanel account, including any site, such as WordPress, with all the files you uploaded earlier.

Apart from complete backup, you can go for partial backups with MySQL databases and email accounts.

HostGator vs. GoDaddy Hosting: Summary

Both platforms, HostGator and GoDaddy, work great! But HostGator gets the third rank in our list with a rating of 4.6/5. Since it’s a better size, every aspect is improved, from customer support to value for money. It’s a go-to option for shared sharing hosting, and tech ticket features to make amazing customer support.

For hosting, HostGator is a go-to option as compared to GoDaddy.


Does HostGator or GoDaddy offer better security features?

Compared to GoDaddy, HostGator has better security features. Even the cheapest shared hosting has a free SSL certificate and basic malware scanning; on the other hand, GoDaddy has no security tools in any of the plans.

HostGator vs. GoDaddy – which is better for beginners?

For beginners, HostGator is the go-to option. GoDaddy and HostGator are user-friendly, but it will be better for beginners to go for HostGator due to the better plan and advanced site builder.

Which host is better value for money: HostGator or GoDaddy?

There is no major difference between the price plans of GoDaddy and HostGator. But HostGator is slightly cheaper. Its basic shared hosting plan starts at 3.95/month with a 12-month subscription.

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