Graphic Design-Related Careers in the US for Expats 

The road to success may come in different forms for everyone. Whatever your ambition in life is, there’s a slew of factors that you need to consider. Apart from time, effort, income, or skill set related to a career preference, there are also situations where you may ask yourself if you want to pursue job prospects in another country to seek new opportunities associated with your field of interest. 

If that is the case, total law immigration lawyers will help you achieve your dreams by entrusting them with your application. Whether it’s for employment purposes or if you want to obtain a K3 spouse visa while you’re at it, these things can be possible and within reach. 

With this, you may want to opt for a job that will give you a good work-life balance, well-compensated salary, and low-stress levels. One good example of this is the Graphic-Designing career, which is a career path that’s fulfilling, enjoyable, and flexible. More than anything, graphic design jobs are not only one of the best-ranked jobs in the US but are also an especially great choice for expats in the US. 

If you’re interested, here are some of the graphic design-related careers you can pursue and a brief job description for each of them. 

1. Graphic designer 

The main role of a graphic designer is to develop layouts or graphics for websites, product illustrations, business logos, and infographics, among many other things. In fact, this career can already cover a wide range of responsibilities in various industries. 

By being a graphic designer, you can pursue jobs in magazine companies and even create advertising material, layouts, print production, and website design. Additionally, being a graphic designer will also come in handy in video game publishing businesses and companies since you’ll be in charge of directing the art and design of video game titles and more. This may also include campaign art in packaging, conceptualizing, and executing the vision. 

2. UX or User experience designer 

UX designers’ responsibility is to ensure that services, products, or processes are intuitive, seamless, and enjoyable for the users. With this, you’ll have to think about different factors concerning the product while considering how the users will be able to use it. You’ll primarily oversee product flows step by step, running tests, refining confusions, errors, or bumps along the way. 

This career requires extensive creative intuition and unconventional thinking, paired with an affinity for smooth design at the same time. This kind of mindset or discipline is typically prevalent in web design, where various organizations are putting utmost importance on ensuring that their web designs are aesthetic and user-friendly. UX design jobs are especially suitable for technology-inclined designers or artists since you’ll need to have sufficient knowledge in web technology and design simultaneously. 

3. Creative director

If you’re good at coming up with artistic visions and executing them to life, then the role of a creative director may be best for you. Creative directors determine how a project is designed to go since they’re in charge of the project’s creative vision while ensuring that all the necessary art elements stay on track. 

They take the reins when creating products or execution such as video games, brand identity, or campaigns. You will need to have sufficient leadership and managing skills coupled with time management and budgeting abilities on top of your creative skills. This is because you will be leading your team with all the essentials for the project you are working on to ensure that the outcome will be according to what you have primarily planned. 

4. Production artist

Whether it’s in art, graphics, film, or other formats, production artists are hands-on in the process of production. Here, they ensure the accuracy of the design files along the way, up until the last stages of the art’s development. Like the UX designer job, this work also requires ample computer applications and design knowledge. 

Production artists may also provide valuable information by suggesting improvements to the project they’re completing. They also have the duty of adding finishing touches like repositioning, scaling, retouching, cropping, and more. Positions like being a production artist will help you obtain exposure to a variety of jobs — you may also discover a specific niche that you find yourself particularly drawn to or excelling at. 

5. Product developer

From the name itself, product developers are in charge of conceptualizing, managing, and leading the way in the name of product creation. Being a product developer does not fixate on a specific responsibility; their job duties often range in different ways, including illustration creations, product presentation, research, and more. 

If you like to be an all-rounder or like jobs with varied roles, being a product developer is a wise career path to pursue. 

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