Here Are The Top 5 Lessons Startup Musicians Can Learn From David Phan

There are many lessons Startup musicians can learn from David Phan. Phan is a celebrated music artist who is bringing a new breath to the music industry. This champion cultivated his craft passionately towards perfection. Besides music, Phan is an entrepreneur, PR strategist, and independent business consultant.

Startup musicians looking forward to becoming phenomenal in the music industry can embrace Phan’s methodologies and techniques to succeed. This champion started at a meager pace but has climbed the ladder of success in an unbelievable manner. Through the chronology of Phan in music, startup musicians can learn the following lessons.

  • Vision
  • Social Influence
  • Foundation
  • Passion
  • Talent


Vision is simply seeing beyond the present. That is focusing on matters that are not yet at hand but in the future. Phan embraced the art of being a visionary from the beginning of his musical journey. This champion worked for what he wanted until the achievement of his dreams became reality. Therefore, startup musicians can learn that vision is crucial in achieving goals.

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Social Influence

Without social influence, music is not music. What does this mean? Music is sweet when shared with many people. This music artist has always loved the attention and bringing people together. He is active in various social media platforms where his fans easily access his music. This champion is also on Spotify. Social influence has been the secret behind all his success in the music industry. Startup musicians can embrace this methodology as a pillar to crush it in the music industry.

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A solid foundation is always essential in any setting of activity. Phan worked for long hours when he started his entrepreneurial journey. This champion could work up to 100 hours. This champion started as a one-person team building a website. He engaged in marketing, sales, and accounting during the day. At night he was building systems, processes, and training. Sacrifice was a top priority to him. Therefore startup musicians must be keen on their foundations for a better tomorrow.

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Phan’s love for music is a tale that ought to get preserved for future generations. This artist loves his craft, which pushes him towards creating lovely and heart-lifting pieces of music. Passion has made him understand that when a person is sad, they should listen to sad music to get relieved. All his mind and heart are in his music. For sure, it is true that where your treasure is, your heart is also. From this artist, loving what you are doing is a must for success.

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Talent is doing something perfectly. Even though this champion was blind to the career he wanted, he knew he was talented in music. Identifying his talent has been of great benefit to growing his self-esteem and creating outstanding music. This musician uses his talent to make his craft unique from that of others. Startup musicians, therefore, need to learn the central role of knowing their abilities and capabilities.

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In conclusion, the top 5 lessons music startups can learn from David Phan are enough for a successful musician. Vision, sound, foundation, passion, and talent are the key lessons startups can embrace as a light in their musical path of success.





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