Here Is How You Can Support Employees Well-Being During Remote Working

In the current time and age, digital transformation has accelerated at a stagge team-building activities pace.

The global spending and digital transformation in regards to services and technologies are expected to have reached $1.3 trillion by the end of 2020.

From working in cubicles at the workplace to creating a home office, employees have been significant impacted by the massive work-life change.

Even now as the country has started to lift the restrictions and is trying to resume normal life, many companies have declared to make remote working their permanent work plan.

Companies like Facebook have even allowed some of their employees to completely work from home.

Not only that but any employees with fear of getting infected have decided to continue working from home.

All of this projects a future where half of the workforce will be working remotely.

Another research indicated that approximately 80% of the US workers are now preferring to work from home in some form.

Not only that but experts also predict that 30% of the US workforce will have workers that will continue remote working until the end of 2021.

In this scenario, the organization needs to revamp its policies and structures to give its support to remote working culture, making it the new normal.

For the successful transition of companies to this new normal, the following are some of the ways that need to be followed.

Put the well-being of employee first

Even before the coronavirus outbreak, workplace stress in the United States cost almost $200 billion annually to go heath care.

And now with the whole pandemic, financial crisis, loss of jobs, and prevailing uncertainty, workplace stress has hit new highs.

The pandemic lifestyle has caused major disturbances to the well-being of employees.

An employee that always wanted to experience the luxury of working from home, was when introduced to this lifestyle (in the most unprepared manner) found out the challenges of remote working, the hard way.

From having internet connectivity issues to not finding a peaceful pace to work in the home, remote working was a disaster for the previously working in-office employees.

However, as time passed by and the situation started being better, employees started working towards regaining the lost productivity.

Many employees managed to replace their home internet and cable Tv service with a better option like Spectrum with amazing internet bundles and Spectrum Silver Package.

However many organizations still need to focus on their structure and policies to ensure employee well-being is kept on the list of priorities.

Employee Experience Innovation

As the world entered the pandemic and the global lockdown, organizations had to find a way to manage, recruit and engage the current employees.

The employees who had always looked forward to a water-cooler conversation with their colleagues and a super productive team-building session were left with virtual support.

While some employees got hold of the new work culture, many are still struggling to create a healthy and friendly work environment for the employees virtually.

Well for them technology is the key.

Similar to how technology helped in collaborating over projects and making sure employees continue working at the right technologies can do more for im[proving the work culture.

Organizations can create virtual happy hours, chit-chat sessions, and team-building activities over virtual platforms.

Such innovative employee experience not only managed to keep the company culture in the right direction, but it also helps the employees in staying motivated and dedicated towards the company work.

Hyper-personalization of HR services

With the world changing rapidly to adapt to the current world lifestyle the organization needs to involve hyper-personalization in the management services.

If a company decides not to restructure its policies and employees’ benefits in accordance with the current situation then it might not be able to retain the employees in 2021.

Companies should start changing their policies to give more benefit to employees who are already struggling to see a bright future in times like these.

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The transformed global workforce requires a lot more changes by the large organizations.

From changing policies to restructure the work culture there is a lot that will go into creating an environment where employee well-being is highly regarded.

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