Here’s what you need to know about Job Application Trackers

For every organization, their employees decide whether they reach success or not. It’s not very easy to come across employees who have all that it takes for the company to reach its goals. Therefore, the recruitment process is the most important process for any company as it is the deciding factor as to who will be a part of the organization. Here an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) comes into place.

Before technology advanced leaps and bounds, when people used to send in their resumes to companies, the recruiters had to go through each and every resume on their own. This used to be time-consuming as it gets tiresome to read through each and every person’s resume. Then, in order to make this task easier and help the HR and recruiters, Job Application Trackers were designed. The software scans each and every resume, leaving the recruiters with time in their hands so that they can focus on other important aspects. The chances of any resume reaching the recruiter depend upon whether the resume has been optimized for ATS algorithms.

Job Application Trackers (aka ATS) play a vital role in efficiently recruiting employees for the organization. This Applicant Tracking System automates tasks for HR in order to save time and prevent any confusion that might take place amongst the members of the hiring team. The software is designed to manage the hiring process and also save the information of the candidate on a digital platform.

All the cover letters and resumes of the job seekers are compiled together by this system and help maintain records of all hiring activities. Job Application Trackers also help in exporting useful reports about recruiters which could make the hiring job easier.

Why is it necessary?

Many employers hire people for different jobs at the same time. The number of resumes that employers then receive is in hundreds. Applying for jobs online is essentially very easy compared to going from one office to another. Hence, many people apply for the job, even if they don’t have the necessary skills and qualifications. So a job interview tracker helps in splitting up the important resumes from the unnecessary ones. The hiring person can make use of the ATS Software to search for contenders, evaluate them and also schedule interviews with them. The ATS helps HR to narrow down the number of candidates.

Many large corporate offices make use of this job tracking system. According to a study done by Jobscan, around 98% of the Fortune 500 companies make use of this Job Interview tracker in order to hire employees who can make a difference. Maybe because of their efficient employees, they have been to be amongst the Fortune 500 companies. Not all companies can rely on the same software. Just like all companies function differently, so does different ATS. One has to choose depending on their requirements.

How ATS Functions?

All the resumes that are sent in by the job seekers are first collected and stored in the database. Sometimes these resumes are stored for a long time even if the place has been filled in. Recruiters sift through all the resumes in different ways and it is all based on what their requirements are.

Viewing of resumes: Even when there is a job application tracker, many hiring professionals prefer to go through each and every resume by themselves so that they don’t miss out on any detail. Many recruiters just check the job titles and companies that the applicant has worked in. Then based on that information, they decide whether they want to read more about the person or not.

Rankings: Many ATS are designed to automatically track all the applicants’ records and then rank them based on their description. HR Recruiters who use the best HR Software can find this easy as they don’t have to go through each and every candidate’s resumes. A detailed focus is given to some which ease the HR’s job and also benefit the company as it helps them make informed decisions

Identifying keywords: This is another system that many recruiters follow as it helps them find people with a particular skill-set. For example, if the company is on the lookout for a researcher analyst, then they can directly type the position and a list of those who have already been analysts in other companies will appear in front of them. This reduces wastage of time and helps recruiters get to the point. An effective Job Interview Tracker can also perform complex searches which can include a combination of skill-sets that the recruiters are looking for.

How do you know whether you have invested in the right ATS?

–        The Job Application Tracker helps to automate the entire process of hiring. So from scheduling interviews to sending messages in bulk and approving candidates to rejecting them through emails, everything is taken care of by the ATS.

–        Can easily maintain an accessible applicant database

–        Designed to track perfectly capable candidates via sourcing and job posting.

–        An efficient ATS helps maintain tracks of all the candidates that have applied and also lets them exchange feedback with the team and board.

–        Helps generate reports on people who are shortlisted or chosen.

–        Easy to export, import, and migrate data.

–        Doesn’t evaluate candidates as that decision is only taken by the hiring committee.

–        Doesn’t decide whether the candidate is qualified enough or not.

–        Doesn’t become a burden but in fact assists by taking up the laborious tasks and helping the recruiters make an informed decision.

Features of Job Application Trackers:

Searching for capable candidates: An effective Job Application Tracker assists in tracking down skilled and qualified candidates who are qualified for the job. The system makes this possible by selecting free and paid jobs which helps in posting jobs through the help of ATS. Many job tracking systems also come with built-in designs that assist the recruiters to find job seekers based on their skill-set and years of experience. Many systems also set referral programs which are an added bonus.

Holding company’s reputation: Every job seeker has a particular brand image set in their minds when they apply for a job. This is based on their visiting your website page and the interactions they have after applying for a job. In fact, making use of this software is one of the best ways to increase the company’s goodwill and build eye-catchy career pages as well as job ads with application forms that are easy to fill.

Sending mails and keeping schedules: Nothing speaks of efficiency than a system that can help recruiters in scheduling calls and meetings with candidates and also interacting with them through the mail. It’s better to have an ATS which comes with built-in templates in order to send in mails in large quantities.

Applicant’s Evaluation: The evaluation of the candidates is the most important step in the entire process of hiring. But, for that, there must be objective methods which also prove effective in order to choose which candidate is ideal for the job.

Talent Pool: Timing is everything but it cannot be maintained at all times. There may arise a situation where an ideal candidate comes by, but the timing may be wrong. This could either be because the position is no longer available or the candidate is not open to changing jobs. A visionary recruiter will try to hold on to the candidate’s details, in case they ever require him/her in the future. An effective ATS creates a talent pool where the list of all good candidates is retained. In fact, one can make notes and even set reminders for the future in case they need to take action.

How Job Interview Tracker poses a Problem for potential contenders?

With the help of ATS, the HR team no longer has to go through every individual resume. The Online Applicant Tracking System itself extracts all the information from one’s resume and then accordingly filter them and rank them. The main aim is to reduce unnecessary work and also minus the candidates that do not have the required skill or qualifications for the job. Identifying top candidates who can contribute a great deal to the organization is the main agenda of ATS. One cannot expect the software to be reliable in their search as they are nothing but machines. Therefore, it is possible that extremely resourceful candidates may not be able to make it to the top. Wrongful elimination is one main reason why many companies, prefer to go through most of the resumes.

Top Job Application Trackers.

To name a few of the most famous ATS which have been used by reputed companies, here’s the list.

  1. Taleo- Used by Nintendo, Boeing, Starbucks
  2. Brassring- Used by Lockheed Martin, Disney, General Electric Company
  3. iCIMSUsed byAmazon, Uber, Southwest Airlines.
  4. Lever- Used by Shopify, IndigoGo, Lyft.
  5. Jobvite- Used by Logitech, Spotify, Zillow
  6. Greenhouse- Used by Pinterest, AirBnb, WeWork

When the great recession struck in America, job seekers bombarded employers with their resumes in order to earn a living. At that time, even the unqualified applied with the qualified in order to try their luck. In this manner, thousands of resumes would land up at the employer’s desk. At that time, had there been a similar system like ATS in place, it would have reduced an employer’s task of going through a flood of papers. There are a lot of Top Free and Open Source Applicant Tracking System.

ATS is designed and developed in order to help organizations turn to a modern approach when it comes to hiring talented employees. Nowadays, corporate offices stress more on the experience of the candidate in order to get them working for the organization. Jo Application Tracker does prove useful to the company as it helps in letting others make informed decisions about who must and who shouldn’t be a part of the company.

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