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Here’s Why The World Loves Maria Prieto, The Next Big Artist and Superstar

For most of her career, Colombian-descent model Maria Prieto established a name in the fitness industry, being a fitness influencer and fitness champion. Yet, this multitalented artist still has lots of surprises that she is yet to unravel to the world. Sources envisioned her as the next emerging superstar!

What are the qualities that one should have to become a superstar? Let’s check if Maria Prieto has it!

First, a superstar must be multitalented and charismatic. The world looks forward to seeing someone performing with grace and charisma. Maria Prieto, an artist, has this quality. She’s got the looks, the figure, and the moves that her followers on Instagram and Tiktok love.

In the first few years of her modeling career, her audience instantly loved her for that X-factor appeal that she certainly possess. People love the way she flips her hair, smiles on camera, or does some dance steps.

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Secondly, a superstar should possess looks that are way better than an average girl. Among millions of people, how will you stand out? You can only do that if your appearance is likable! Well, you can still be in the spotlight having the looks of a villain. But people will not adore you.

Maria has that endearing smile that her fans love. Her face and body have the right proportions that are more than enough to captivate her crowd. She has a sense of individuality but also an aspect that everyone can easily relate to.

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Most importantly, a superstar should have tons of talents and versatility that they are willing to share with the world. Maria is a natural-born performer. Since she was still a kid, Maria liked the attention and performing her favorite song and dance numbers in front of her family and friends. It is usual for her to dance spontaneously to her favorite beat when inspired to do it. Music has a special place in her heart, and she never felt self-conscious or shy to show that to everyone else.

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She likes experimenting with making beats and melodies and adding words to them. Well, these are not just everyday words but poetry, something sweet and pleasurable to the ears and the heart.

One of the habits that she had developed during Middle School was studying while listening to music. Instead of partying and flirting with boys, Maria, artist, spent lots of time making music. She tried to conceptualize catchy lo-fi hip-hop beats and incorporate them with poetic lyrics.

Yes, she also likes poetry. She derives pleasure from sweet and pleasant words. Lots of poems may be too erudite or too profound. Yet, Maria, artist, makes her poetry accessible to the world so that her listeners understand her art.

Let’s talk more about lo-fi hip-hop. What is it? Fans of the lo-fi subgenre listen to this kind of music while working, studying, or doing any task that needs focus. If you need music to keep you awake in the dead hours of the night, lo-fi music is a good choice. This is the kind of genre that Maria is good at. Her experience of creating lo-fi beats has extended since she was a young girl. And, through time and experience, this young Colombian artist has matured and is ready to make beautiful blends of chill beats and upbeat instrumentals that her fans love.

Maria, artist, wanted to integrate music-making and songwriting into her life purpose. In following this path, she is incorporating her music into her fitness ideas. Music and fitness, what great gifts that she can give to the world, isn’t it!

Maria is the world’s budding superstar. And, we cannot wait for the day when she will blossom and start performing on stage. Still, her fans would love to get more updates on her fitness journey. Her healthy recipes, home workouts, and expert guidance are the aspects that kept her followers going back for more surprises on her page.

She had already established a name in the health and fitness industry. And she can successfully use it to propel her to greater heights. Maria, the artist, has a lot of things to offer. And the world is waiting for her music and magic!

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