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Hot Water Eye Mask RIO” with comfortable heat and vibration

The present age is the modern age, and in this present age, the use of human eyes is also increasing day by day due to laptops, computers, smartphones and various devices. The use of these devices inadvertently leads to eye fatigue. The Hot Water Eye Max RIO is a device that can take care of the eyes. And the various functions of this device will turn your eye arousal into wellness.

What is “Hot Water Eye Mask RIO”?

A high-performance hot eye mask that warms the eyes and provides the comfort of a steamed towel. Hot water circulates in the body. Generates a natural vibration and approaches the area around the eyes. This item is recommended as a companion for a relaxing time.

Start-up in just 1 minute

The functionality of the device can start very quickly. The device reaches its set temperature in just one minute. Temperatures range from 39 to 140 degrees Celsius to normal mode and from about 40 degrees Celsius to powerful motors. You can select these two modes through a unique speed setting system.

Also, it is equipped with a temperature control system that keeps the optimum temperature. It provides a relaxing time with stable heat retention.

Gently fits delicate eyes.

The eye mask that comes into direct contact with sensitive eyes should be selected with particular attention to the material. “Hot Water Eye Mask RIO” uses a soft silicone material used in medical products and fits gently around the eyes. Besides, because it has high water repellency, it also can be resistant to dirt. You can use it cleanly at any time by simply wiping it with a cloth dampened with water.

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In addition to the AC adapter, it also supports a USB power supply, making it easy to secure power. It is a recommended item that you can easily use even when you are on a business trip or travelling.

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