How Can A Psychologist Help With Stress Management in Miami? 

Stress is something everyone faces and is a normal part of life. However, excess stress can be harmful to both -your physical and mental health. 

Stress is due to a fight or flight response; this response releases adrenaline (epinephrine) and cortisol. These hormones increase blood pressure, heart rate, blood flow, and blood clotting. A patient with high-stress levels experiences these symptoms several times, leading to a heart attack, hypertension, or a brain stroke. 

In the current situation of COVID-19, therapies in person may not be ideal for the safety of the patient and the psychologist. Instead, Miami online video teletherapy works best in such a case to manage your stress. However, there is a lot of hesitation as to how a psychologist can help with your stress. This blog will give you a brief insight into different ways a psychologist can help you. 

Ways a psychologist can help: 

Psychologists use different therapies like CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) or psychodynamic therapy. These therapies help the patient get to a better mental and physical state. 

How does psychologist work with the patient: 

  1. At the start, a psychologist helps the patient find the major stressor; this allows the patient to understand what is causing stress. Using talk therapy, the professional finds the primary stressor. 
  2. A psychologist gives the patient a safe place to let out all their emotions. By offloading all the emotions, stress may decrease stress and find a solution to the patient’s problems, decrease sympathetic stimulation in a patient, and ultimately decrease stress hormones. 
  3. At last, psychologists help the patient develop coping mechanisms, activities that help reduce stress and build resistance to the stressor. 

This is the basic pattern of therapy. However, different psychologists have their strategies and ways of helping their patients. They make a customized plan for each patient because every patient is unique.

How can online therapy help in dealing with stress? 

Studies have shown that online and in-person therapies are equally efficient in stress management. Online therapies can be beneficial in many ways; these include: 

  1. A good option for remote areas: some areas do not have access to mental health treatments, online therapy can be helpful for patients living in such areas. 
  2. Easy for patients with physical disabilities: patients in a wheelchair or with any other physical disability condition get easy access to a psychologist. Additionally, they can also avoid the hassle of traveling. 
  3. Anxiety triggers: for some patients, meeting a psychologist in person would be difficult, and that is why online therapy can be better than in-person therapies. 
  4. Convenience: attending sessions at home is more convenient than attending them in person. 

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