How do I Convert PNG to PDF on My Phone?

Users often have to deal with different documents in their work. In some cases, the situation is complicated by the fact that the documents are presented in different formats 

If you want to convert png to pdf, you can use different programs for Android and not only. Portable Network Graphics is a popular file format that contains graphic data. PDF is a document that can contain not only graphical data but also textual data. To convert PNG to PDF, it is possible to use different applications. There are also programs online, which do not need to be downloaded which is pretty convenient.

Advantages of Offers to Convert Files

Users have the opportunity to convert one or more PNG images into a PDF file. In addition to the PNG format, it is also possible to convert JPGs. Some applications have the function of cropping, changing the size of files and many others. 

Before converting a file, the customer can use the tool to change the order of the input images. Using compression, the finished file can be used for a variety of purposes. It is possible to change the pdf software. This process is not complicated at all.

The advantage of applications is that the client has the ability to use additional tools. For example:

  • protect files with a password;
  • merge documents;
  • use different effects.

Choose the best applications to work with your files. The majority of them can be used on mobile devices to run your business in a convenient way. 

How to Use a PDF Converter?

To combine pdf documents and much more, it is possible to use this application. It has different modification tools to create a security password, rotate the image and change their order, and use other functionalities. 

PDF Converter is a free application to combine pdf and not only that. The application is multifunctional, it can help you convert several different PNG and JPG images to PDF. Users can directly take photos and convert them to PDF format. There are also different tools for modification and input files additionally. 

Clients usually add a strong password for protection, change the order of images and delete them, and use other features. To pdf splitter and work with the application, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the following step-by-step instruction:

  • open the application and select “image to PDF”;
  • then, you need to select the desired number of images from the gallery;
  • use the tools available to edit a pdf online and other functions, add fields, adjust the size and much more;
  • after completing all the actions, click on “Create PDF”, specify the name of the document and start the conversion process.

To convert pdf to word or perform other functions, it is possible to use additional functionalities:

  • convert text to PDF – the client can add text on top of the document;
  • password protection – used to protect the contents of the document from unauthorized users;
  • tools for merging and splitting files – these tools help you to merge the required number of documents and to split them;
  • compress files – used to reduce the size of the files;
  • image extraction – a great feature that allows users to extract an image from a PDF file.

You can use the free application to compress a pdf. PDF Converter is one of the best. PDF Converter is an excellent tool for quickly converting any type of file into PDF format that does not add any watermarks. Users can appreciate the ease of use and user-friendly interface. Additionally, it is possible to use different tools to make changes and get the desired document as a result. You should trust only verified programs to work with your documents safely. 

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