How optimistic about your money to play slot machines

If you want to slot games like Slot999 (สล็อต999), it is a pleasure to experience a slot machine in a casino (but be careful not to become addicted). These machines use dazzling lights, crisp sounds, and powerful vibrations to constantly stir your nerves because all of these are designed to lure you to play, whether in casinos or online.

With this enticing skill, slot machines are often the most popular game in casinos. Can’t be Optimistic about your money to try your skills? Here is how to Optimistic your money.

Know your limits.

That’s right; it’s time to remind you players. You must know how many you have your bottom line and stop playing when you hit the bottom line. Before you start betting, decide on a number. This is the maximum limit you can afford to lose, which is the maximum limit you can win. Both of these are important because both can help you know when to stop.

Bring the money you plan to play with when you go to the casino.

Put those credit and debit cards that give you a chance to get involved with other money, and put them all at home or in the hotel where you live so that you don’t have to spend too much money on your head.

Choose the lowest amount requirement among the machines

This way, you can play longer and maximize your gaming experience. If you have a budget in mind, buying more profitable slot machines and progressive slot machines are not your best choices. Just play the multi-line slot machine or double the machine.

Choose the machine with the highest rate of return.

The rate of return refers to how often the machine reports back to players, so the higher the percentage value, the more likely you are to win. This number should be marked on the machine and should be between 80% and 98%. The higher the amount required for the machine (from 1 cent), the higher the general rate of return.

Need to observe

The numbers indicating the rate of return may refer to a group of machines rather than individual machines (like a progressive slot machine), and not all machines in the same row have the same rate of return. You may need to observe other players and decide which machine is the better choice.

Remember 98% return

For the sake of clarity, the so-called 98% rate of return is worth it. On average, for every dollar you invest, there will be a return of 98 cents. To achieve this probability steadily, you estimate that you have to play on this machine. Ten years.

Remember the long-term overall view

Machines in Las Vegas are generally set up with a relatively high rate of return. But remember, this is only a long-term overall view. Every time you play, the machine calculations have the same number of combinations. How much probability do you have that you will win this time? The probability that you will win next time remains the same. You can buy rdp easily.

In the end

Put all the money you won and never use the money you won to play again because this is contrary to your original intention to play for a certain amount of money. Although the momentary gratification feels very enjoyable, if you have some money in your pocket when you go home, you will feel better than just playing at the casino for 20 minutes in the end.


If you join a club or bonus program, find out if you are joining an activity that only gives accumulative rewards because this is very dangerous. You may end up with a bonus for less than the money you invested.

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