How to beat online casino slot machines?

Although slot games have been dismissed many a time by `purist´ gamblers, they are the most popular games on a casino floor, be it online or offline casinos. One of the biggest reasons for their popularity is that slots require no skill whatsoever to play, and are completely random. Some of the biggest casinos in Las Vegas rake in close to 80% of their profits from slot games alone. By visiting this site you can know how to win real money slots.

It is no wonder then that most top online casinos push slot games most aggressively. Out of all the games in an online casino, one is likely to find the most variety in slot games. So let’s have a look at some tips to make the most out of slot games.

Can you predict slot game outcomes?

Let’s get one thing straight. It is not possible to predict when a slot game will `hit´ the next time, especially the online slots.

In older times, slots were typically played on mechanical reels, containing 3 or at most 5 reels, and a single pay line. Since there were only a finite number of combinations, a few complex calculations would help you determine the outcome of the next spin to some degree.

Online slot games are totally computerized and have no mechanical reels. Also, they may contain hundreds or even thousands of different pay lines, making them impossible to track.

The spins are handled by software known as RNG or Random Number Generator, which is constantly working out combinations of slots, and displays the combination that it had `generated´ at the instant when you hit the `spin´ button.

So there is no sure-shot way of guaranteeing a win, you can maximize your returns by sticking to a few basics.

Know the RTP

RTP stands for Return to Player. Each slot has its own RTP, which means how much it gives back for every $100 bet on it. Remember that RTP is not a guaranteed return for every 100 ₹ that you will spend. But is an average return over the long run, similar to the house edge.

In order to maximize your returns, choose a game with the highest RTP. On average, slot games have an RTP of around 95-97%, some slot games offer even more. Slots with the highest RTPs include

  • Starburst
  • Cosmic Quest
  • Mega Joker
  • Chess Mate
  • Jackpot 6000

So if you are looking to play safe and taking the least amount of risk, you are better off sticking to the above-mentioned slots.

Progressive slots

Progressive slots usually carry the highest valued jackpot prizes, as the prize money keeps increasing after every unsuccessful attempt. But such slots have some of the lowest RTP. For example, Mega Moolah, one of the most popular progressive slots on the internet, has an RTP of less than 90%.

Also, the biggest jackpots are usually available only when you bet the highest permissible amount on that slot. Therefore, progressive slots are some of the least likely to give you returns, unless of course if it’s your lucky day, and you hit the jackpot.

It is better to stick to smaller but more likely winnings, rather than chasing the elusive jackpot.

Free spins

Many online casinos give free spins as a part of their welcome promotion, or as a loyalty bonus to their regular users. These free spins can either be used on any of the slot games on the casino, or on specific slots, as decided by the casino.

Although the free spins usually carry the least bet value, and their winnings may be capped, they are a great way to make some quick buck at the casino’s expense as you don’t have to spend a dime of your own money.

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