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How To Become a Confident Public Speaker?

Public speaking is communication with many audiences. In our daily life, we have to speak with friends, family, or in business meetings. Public speaking is an essential part of our life. Our way of speaking tells us if we are a good speaker or not. If one is not a good speaker, he cannot deliver his content effectively to the listeners. Furthermore, the audience will also not be interested in his speech. Although public speaking is a natural skill, you can learn it. Don’t forget to learn more about Stephen Gleave Ancaster for effective speech and public speaking skills.

Most studies show that the fear of death is secondary to the fear of public speaking.  Well, this fear may be due to many reasons, such as:

  • Fear of stage
  • Lack of preparation
  • Doubt your expertise
  • Audience dynamic

Public speaking is a learnable skill. Suppose you want to be a confident and compelling public speaker. Here are some important tips which can lead you to fulfill your dream.

  • Preparation

Preparation makes you a confident public speaker. You must know the inside and out of the topic. Thorough knowledge of the topic is the key to an effective session. You must be clear about your topic. Do research about your topic as much as you can. You have to plan the topic and structure it how you will say it. Public speaking has two basic components i.e.

  • Content (like what are you going to say).
  • The way (how you are going to say).

Not only does your content matter, but a way of saying it also matters a lot. As people may forget what you said, but they will not forget how you said it.

  • You also must visit the venue beforehand.
  • You must prepare yourself for any technical faults in case; you will not panic and lose confidence.
  • Arrive early before your speech. savefromnet 
  • Practice

Practice makes a man perfect. You have to practice to become a confident and compelling speaker. As Davies said, “rehearse like hell.”

There are many ways to practice, such as speaking in front of a mirror helps you to improve your mistakes. It also helps to overcome your fear of stage and hesitation to speak. Another way is to speak in front of friends, family and colleagues, and ask for their feedback. Make positive moves and gestures. This will give positive energy to your audience.

  • Body Language

You have noticed that great public speakers look more relaxed and calmer. Your body language and moves show the audience how confident and professional you are. Make eye contact, move on the stage, make gestures and keep a smile. Your voice pitch and tone play a vital role in the audience. Do not stand behind the podium; instead, move around, make gestures and try to engage with the audience.


Many successful business leaders and public speakers, such as Stephen Gleave Ancaster, follow the above-mentioned tips to make their speeches effective and persuasive. Speaking skills is not hard; you just have to practice it and improve your body language as well.

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