How to Design a Magic the Gathering Sneak Attack Deck

What is Sneak Attack: Sneak Attack is a combo deck that utilizes the namesake card to cheaply bring out powerful creatures for a swing. Once the initial casting cost of 3R is paid, you can pay R to bring a creature card out of your hand with haste to swing at your opponent. However, the selected creature must be sacrificed at the end of turn. While this may sound like a downside, creature cards selected for this deck are either reshuffled, returned to hand, or even have benefits for being sacrificed. You may also win once a creature has successfully attacked.

To go for speed, or not to go for speed: Considering that Legacy has Force of Will, comboing as soon as possible is a huge risk of card disadvantage. General rule of thumb: “With big risks come big rewards”.situs bola If you sneak out the right creature early successfully, you can discard your opponent’s hand or kill them in one turn. If you fail, then you’ve spent your hand to lay down an enchantment and little or no land.

If you’re on the play and can combo out, by all means do so. Winning the game is enough of a risk to take with Force of Will being the only commonly played answer to a first-turn bull rush. However, once the opponent lays down his first land, you leave yourself open to Pithing Needle, Swords to Plowshares, or even Fog.

Delaying the Sneak Attack reduces the explosive power of the deck but increases the stability and vice-versa.

Ancient Tomb – The best, most stable option for two-colored lands in Sneak Attack unless you run Serra Avatar.

City of Traitors – An alternative to Ancient Tomb, trading lessened stability for lack of damage repercussions.

Crystal Vein – Versatile in that if you can go off early, you’ll have the two mana. If you can’t, then you have a stable so

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