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How to do business by utilizing your skills and idle assets

I think many people are in trouble because of the coronavirus infection, “I have lost my income.

It is a side job that helps in such a case. Nowadays, if you make full use of the internet, there are many chances to make money by utilizing your “skills”. However, even if you start a side job, you don’t know what to start with.

This article will introduce ideas and services for side businesses as a “guide for side businesses that utilize your skills”!

Utilize business skills! Earn by “working agency.”

The first thing I would like to introduce is how to utilize the business skills you usually use to earn money on your behalf.

The working agency is called “crowdsourcing,” and it is a work style in which the work that has been done in-house until now is openly recruited to an unspecified number of people, and orders are placed from people who match the conditions.

Crowdsourcing has many different types of work. For example, typical work contents that utilize IT skills include creating Word and Excel documents and transcription. Also, you are good at languages, you can translate, and if you are a design person, you can create a corporate logo.

Earn money by using your products

The second is how to make money by using your products.

If you usually make or sell original products such as handmade products and miscellaneous goods, you can make money using your products.

In the past, online shops had a high threshold because the initial cost was tens of thousands of yen, and IT knowledge was required. However, recently, some services allow you to create an online shop using only a smartphone app easily. If you are a photographer or a hobbyist, you can sell your photos at a dedicated market.

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