How to Edit PDF Files for Free on Computer, Phone

PDF text editors can be found in many different places across the web that let users make small or minor adjustments to their PDF files. There are many ways to edit PDFs regardless of the operating system or device being used. No matter if it is an iPhone running the iOS system or an Android smartphone, these apps and tools can help users change or edit their important PDF files without costing a lot or having to install any new software or programs.

Organize PDF Pages Like a Pro

Organizing and ordering the pages of a large PDF file is often necessary to give the document more conciseness and relevance. Think of how an unpublished book is often parsed down and ordered to give it a clear and understandable message. People can do the same with PDF documents especially if they only need a few pages of said document.

You can upload a PDF document to a third-party PDF editor that will open the file in its browser and offer you several different options. You can choose from among the different options in the editing suite that can range from merging, splitting, or combining different PDFs into one or many documents.

Reordering the pages of a PDF is an option that not all edit pdf merge online tools have and you might have to look for a platform that offers it. Reorganizing the pages of a PDF is often different from the more common tools like merging and splitting PDFs, which are more widespread. But many online and offline programs also offer page reordering.

Light It Up with Highlight Text

Highlighting is another common editorial tool that many word processing programs and edit PDF online tools offer to their users. Highlighting is a throwback to the days when people went through documents with a highlighter marking important passages for information retention and learning.

The same principle applies to electronic or digital documents like PDFs and Word documents. Highlighting serves the same purpose and all edit PDF document programs give their users a specific highlighting tool to mark important passages and save the changes to the document so others can view them.

Add Text to PDFs

Adding text to a PDF is, of course, one of the ways that people like to edit their PDFs the most. The PDF format was intended to be unchangeable and uniform so it could be more easily shared regardless of how or with what the file was being opened. It also meant that the file would be the same for everyone who saw it.

This design meant that early PDFs were unable to be edited or changed from their original format. PDF editors grew from this scarcity and now people can add as much text as they want to any PDF file. You can add text to a PDF file in many different ways from inserting a new text box, to leaving a comment or annotation for another viewer or you can make new text fields if you want to create a PDF fillable form.

Essential PDF Editor Tools

Among the most essential PDF editing tools are the ability to:

  • Add or remove text
  • Leave comments and annotations
  • Merge, split, and combine PDF files
  • Insert new graphics and design elements
  • Convert or compress PDF files

These are some of the most basic and widely available PDF editing tools online. With these tools, users can make very important changes to their files without having to install or buy new software or programs. There are other, more specialized tools that people can use to make other changes to their PDFs.

Some edit PDF online tools also let you add security features like a watermark or password protection. Others let you crop certain pages from a PDF file to make them more succinct and relevant. The more advanced tools also let you create your PDF file and add as many different elements as you want.

How to Edit PDFs on Your iPhone or Android Device

How you edit a PDF on an Android or iPhone depends not only on the operating system you are running but the third-party app that you are using. While the iOS operating system has a built-in PDF viewer (so does Android with Google Docs), there are no pre-installed programs to edit PDFs on an iPhone. But many downloadable apps and programs are compatible with both Android and iOS.

Lumin PDF is one such program that is browser-based and has a mobile application that is supported by iOS and Android. Users can simply download the Lumin PDF app to access the program’s more basic functions like adding or removing text, merging, splitting, and combining files, or syncing the app with a Google Drive or Dropbox account to automatically save all your changes.

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