How To Espalier Fruit Trees

To espalier, means to prune, train, and garden it in such a way so that the branches and the trees are on the same plane. Espaliering ensures that the trees can be grown in the least space possible, which helps you maximize your space. It can therefore improve the productivity of a landscape while also making it look better and more beautiful. However, the fruit trees also require other kinds of maintenance even after you espalier a fruit tree.

How to Espalier Your Fruit Tree

A tree grown 6 to 10 feet from the fence or the wall of the garden can be espaliered. If the tree is being planted bordering other areas (such as the walkways), you will have to buy the frame trellises for training the branches of the tree. The espalier fruit trees can be pruned:

During the winters: when you can perform the cuts and can prune the fruit tree. It will ensure that buds are produced during the spring season and the growth of the tree is stimulated.

During the summer or late spring season: pruning the tree at this time will create a perfect shape of it. The branches of the young trees can be saved and trained so that they follow the desired pattern.

While pruning the fruit trees, you should remember that any cut that is made should be back to the main trunk of the tree, a branch, or a bud. Also, ensure that no long stubs are left behind after the cuts have been made.

Best Fruit Trees to Espalier

There are a variety of fruit trees that are perfect choices when you want to espalier, train, and prune your plants and trees. Some of the best choices that can provide you abundant harvest after some years include: Apples, Grapes, Plums, Peaches, Persimmons.

Buying the Best Fruit Trees

When you are looking to buy the best espalier fruit trees for sale that can provide you most bountiful harvest, Chris Bowers & Sons can offer you a wide range of choices for fruit trees and bushes in the United Kingdom. You can buy easily soft fruits, nut trees, ornamental plants, and many other kinds of plant varieties here at affordable cost.


You can get the best harvest for your Espalier fruit trees after approximately 4 years of training and pruning. The trees provide bountiful returns and harvests also look good. They make your landscape even more beautiful and productive. Now you can easily acquire them by visiting the websites of the renowned businesses in the fruit tree segment, including the one mentioned above.

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