How to Make Bra Purchases Simpler?

Melbourne has a rapidly growing apparel industry, with retail giants opening hundreds of shops in the city. With the increase in disposable income and demand for new clothing styles, the lingerie segment has also experienced a spur in growth to meet the varying needs of the customers.

Like clothes, wearing the wrong bra size can make one comfortable and conscious of their appearance. Bra fitting in Melbourne has eliminated the woes of women opting for the wrong bra size that makes them look unflattering. By getting the proper measurements and knowing the right fit, you can choose the right bra and wear your favourite outfit confidently. However, before buying the perfect bra, go through the following points and have a seamless shopping experience.

Choose the right place

Melbourne is undisputedly the fashion capital of Australia and a coveted fashion centre in the world. It is unlikely that you live in the city and are unaware of the latest fashion trends. And you are spoilt for choices when the number of lingerie stores is considered.

With over 300 lingerie stops spread across the city, going to the right store and getting your hand on the bras that fit you perfectly can be a bit challenging. Here, your research may come in handy. Check the store’s website to find out if it has a diverse collection of bras and trained bra fitters to help you with the purchase. Moreover, to have a head start, you can take the measurements, which will help you with the search process.

Know the body type

Before you go out shopping, knowing your body type will help in a lot of ways. So, when you are getting the fitting done, you have prior knowledge of the types of bras you need. For example, if you have an apple-shaped body with fuller busts, you may need full coverage bras instead of demi-cups. You need a push-up or balconette bra if you have a pear-shaped figure with narrow shoulders, a small bust, and wider hips and thighs. Moreover, a plunge bra or balconette bra would do fine for an hourglass-shaped body.

Be thorough about the fit

While you emphasise various factors for choosing the right shop for bra fitting in Melbourne, you may not forget that checking transparency is also one of them. Hence, it is best to carry a sheer T-shirt so that you know how your bra will look underneath sheer outfits. In addition to the professional fitter’s assistance, you must also look at the bra fitting with a critical eye to check for digging, spillage or gaps. Make sure to turn around and look at the back. The back band can tell a lot too about the fit, and there should be no bulges or gaping.

Don’t get stuck

Don’t keep wearing the same bra for years. You must replace bras every six months or a year because wearing a bra, not in the proper condition may have consequences on your health. You need to note down the date of your visit to the store and make sure you visit it within the next 12 months. Also, remember that bra size may fluctuate due to hormonal changes, weight gain and various other factors, so you must get fitted at least once a year and refrain from wearing the wrong-sized bra.

Buying the right bra can be a pretty challenging experience. And even after so much hassle, you don’t have a satisfactory purchase; it could add to your frustration. The tips discussed here could help with your purchase and make your bra shopping experience smooth and a satisfactory one.

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