How to prepare for competitive exams?

Board exams are part of the academic curriculum. Competitive exams are the exams which one has to face in whichever career the student chooses irrespective of the course or subject. The entrance examinations, private college examinations, olympiads all come under the category of this examination. We all know that competitive exams require more effort and study. This article throws some light on the points on how to prepare for this kind of examination.

Know the exam

The first and foremost step is to know the exam you are undertaking. Each exam is different from another. One has to go through the guidelines given by the examination authority. For instance, if one is preparing for the JEE Main exam then the first thing is to read and understand the JEE Main Information Brochure. This will provide all the information related to the exam. By doing this one will get to know if this is the right examination for choosing the career.  The student should have a clear idea about what examination is all about and how it will help in opting for the right career.

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Schedule the preparation

To achieve top ranks in the examination, preparation must be appropriate and planned. One must plan and schedule it accordingly as per the academic syllabus and daily routine. One can opt for the right time and place for preparation. The schedule must be planned in such a way that there must be backup for a few days if the syllabus is skipped and enough time for revision must be allocated. The syllabus must be divided equally providing proper time slots for every subject and chapter.

Prior to the preparation of the exam scouting and understanding the syllabus is mandatory. The student must be well versed with the list of chapters, concepts that are prescribed for the examination. The allocation of marks for each topic must also be taken into account while studying. This gives a  proper idea on which segments more priority must be given. Based on the weightage and students’ capability one can plan the study routine for the examination. For instance, one can refer to the JEE Advanced Information Brochure if he is appearing for the JEE advanced examination. All the details relevant to the examination is available in this brochure.

Time Management

We all know that time management is the key to achieve success. Time management helps in completing the syllabus that is planned and also helps in cracking the exam easily. Managing time is not only applicable while preparing but also while attending the examination. One can predict how long it will take to finish a particular question and how much time is left to finish the rest of the paper.

Take regular breaks

One can not be monotonous. Moving ahead looking for one single thing makes the student bored. Taking regular breaks in between the preparation helps in staying motivated and relaxed. Taking these breaks would help in staying focused and the concentration of the mind towards the studies also increases.The study pattern, technique and capability vary from one person to another. Following a proper routine for the study and avoiding distractions will definitely help in clearing the competitive exam in one go. Reading, Revising and recalling are vital parts of the study plan. Believing in yourself and focusing on your goal will lead to a good score in the examination.

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