How to prepare legal aptitude and reasoning questions for CLAT?

CLAT is considered one of the most prestigious law entrance exams for which lakhs of students apply. If you are dreaming of making your career in Law, then you have to make some strategies to clear the CLAT paper. This is the only way to get admission to the dreaming prestigious law colleges in India. If you are going to write the CLAT paper this year, then you might have some questions in your mind. 

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The toughest paper of CLAT is legal aptitude and reasoning as per the aspirants. To crack this part, you need a lot of dedication, effort, and strategies. Most of the CLAT aspirants found this section tough, but we can make it easier for you by providing the major tips. 

The section that you have to cover in the CLAT legal aptitude & reasoning

The CLAT legal aptitude section is divided into three sections and is Legal reasoning, Legal facts, & legal aptitude. In the legal reasoning section, you have to cover the three major topics that are based on the Indian panel code, Law of contract & torts. 

In the second section, you have to cover the topics of Legal facts that are based on the Directive principles, amendments & Law, important judgments, directive principles, and the fundamental rights with the major chairpersons of the law commission. To cover up the legal general knowledge questions, you have to go through the major events of the last six months and important basics questions based on Law. 

What about the question pattern for CLAT legal aptitude?

To solve the CLAT legal aptitude & reasoning question, the student should have a better understanding of the legal subjects. If you have the basic knowledge, then you can clear the exam for sure. As a CLAT candidate, you should be updated about the CLAT exam pattern. The legal aptitude pattern contains a comprehensive passage that is based on legal journals, news, editorials, and articles. 

For every correct answer, you will be awarded one mark, and for each wrong answer, a 0.25 mark will be deducted. The pattern consists of both straightforward and complex patterns. To solve the legal reasoning section, a student should have good mental power with strong decision-making skills. 

The preparation tips and tricks for CLAT legal aptitude

  • Develop reading habits

To clear this section of CLAT, the only thing you can do is develop reading skills. You should read daily newspapers, magazines, and journals to be updated on recent national & international activities. You should improve your decision-making skills and understanding ability. While reading any topic, the aspirant should understand the arguments and counter-arguments in the legal aspects. 

  • The right study material

To clear this section, you should go through the right study materials and sources. Check the previous year’s question pares. Go through the whole syllabus of legal aptitude and reasoning and check the exam pattern. Before preparing, it is necessary to understand these things. Gather all the information from the experts and friends, and then make your own routine to cover all the topics within 30 days. You should be familiar with the legal subjects and improve the conceptual clarity. 

  • Attempt sample papers

To clear the CLAT paper, you have to go through the sample papers. Solve sample papers and mock tests as much as you can. And check whether you are able reach the CLAT cut off marks. By solving sample questions, you can test yourself and you will become acquainted with the exam pattern and time management. It will also help you in the examination hall, and you feel calm. 

  • Time management skills

Having a good speed of reading & understanding can help you achieve greater marks. Check the duration while solving questions papers. Focus on the legal issue from the last six months. Build your legal vocabulary and legal terms. You should be aware of the legal jargon and foreign phrases. 

  • Doubt clearing sessions

If you still feel that something has missing in your preparation, you can go for the doubt clearing sessions. You can ask for help from friends and expert professionals. 


If you are going to write the CLAT paper this year, then you could start from this. Apply these strategies and get ready to build your future. 

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