How to Reverse Sun Damage on Your Skin Non Surgically

You may have enjoyed the sun-kissed moments in the glory of your youth, but as you age, the effects begin to show. The hallmark of perfect summer vacation is sun-kissed photos. Despite the wonderful pictures, the sun is not your friend. Short waves from the sun cause freckles, sun spots, and even skin cancer. Sunscreen only does so much to protect you. However, if you experience sun damage in Fort Worth, then Northstar Dermatology is your go-to center. The center offers innovative sun damage treatments to restore clear skin.

How does the sun damage your skin?

The sun helps your body synthesize Vitamin D; however, overexposure to the sun causes your blood vessels to swell and release fluid. The end result is sun spots, freckles, wrinkles, facial veins appearance, and in extreme cases, skin cancer.

Sunscreen and sunblock of SPF 15 or higher generally protect you from harmful ultraviolet rays. However, if you find your skin looking like a lobster, then you need to reverse sun damage on your skin.

Non-surgical methods vs. surgical methods

The primary approach to sun damage treatment is the aesthetic improvement of your skin. While sun damage is mostly irreversible when you discover it late, there are remedies for sun-damaged skin complications. Many skin care products promise unblemished skin but usually take a few months for you to see minimal effects.

Depending on the extent of sun damage, a dermatologist may recommend surgical or non-surgical methods to resolve the skin issues. Non-surgical methods treat superficial damage that has not reached deep into the dermis. However, if sun damage is the culprit of skin cancer, surgical methods suffice better.

An accurate skin analysis establishes the extent of sun damage and helps the doctor choose an efficacious treatment plan.

Non-surgical methods

Chemical peels

Chemical solutions remove dead cells on your skin surface to reveal clearer skin. Chemical peels treat uneven pigmentation and fine lines. The result of a chemical peel depends on the formula used. More concentrated peels increase skin sensitivity; therefore, it is crucial to ask a board-certified dermatologist to administer chemical peels rather than self-administering.

Laser treatment

Energy beams concentrate on targeted skin areas to improve aesthetic appearance. The major merit of laser treatment is that it stimulates natural collagen production, which profoundly benefits aging skin. Collagen and elastin prevent repetitive muscle contractions imprinting on your skin as wrinkles.

Light therapy treatment

Like laser treatment, light therapy uses red light to even out sunspots and minimize the appearance of scars.


Dermabrasion is a deeper chemical peel. Dermabrasion is a deeper exfoliation technique that corrects skin defects from the dermis. Dermabrasion is more aggressive than chemical peels, and you should approach it with caution.

Are you ready to repair the sun damage on your skin?

Sun damage transcends aesthetic defects. Some damage may cause skin cancer if untreated. Northstar Dermatology experts help you regain your skin’s vitality by employing effective sun damage remedies. Schedule an appointment today for expert skin treatment.

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