How To Sign A PDF Document Online

E-signatures or electronic signatures are pretty underrated in their use and application. They are a pretty convenient and secure way of getting the approval of multiple individuals or parties involved in an event. The Esign Act passed by the Government of the United States makes signing documents and contracts online legal and attempts to make business transactions become truly global. According to this Act, an electronic signature holds the same weight as a handwritten signature. An esign, is however, not to be confused with a digital signature, which does not hold legal weight.

Electronic signatures have considerably increased the ease of doing business and conducting transactions. This is especially true for businesses that are separated by a distance and located internationally. A company based out of the United States is able to establish a deal with a company based out of India, without ever meeting or seeing an executive face-to-face. All legalities are taken care of through digital contracts signed electronically and digital transactions. A major component that has made all of this possible is the legal acceptance and possibility of electronic signatures.

How can you esign a document?

In order to put your electronic signature on the document, there are a few steps you need to follow which include:

1. Open or download an e-sign software

In order to add an electronic signature on a document, you must first choose an e-sign software like the one by SodaPDF. Once you have opened or downloaded your chosen e-sign software, you must upload the document you want to insert an electronic signature in. You may upload the document either through your device or through Google Drive or Dropbox.

2. Insert your signature details

Once you have uploaded the said document, you should now create an electronic signature. Once created, you can apply the signature on your PDF document. You may then add any additional details that the document asks for such as your first and last name, email address, date, and contact details. You may now apply the electronic signature to the dedicated space in your uploaded document.

3. Send the document to other parties

Once you have entered the signature on your document, you may now email or forward the same to other parties through the same software for them to enter their signature. The software shall email them the document and instructions for entering and uploading an electronic signature.

4. Download the document

Once all parties have signed the document, you may then download the PDF file on your device. The software can also be used to send reminders to any signatories that are yet to sign the document, and you may also track the progress of all parties involved. Once all parties have entered their signatures you will receive an automated email from the software that your document is ready to download.

Other than following a few basic instructions, there doesn’t exist any science behind electronic signatures. Creating and administering an electronic signature is as easy as downloading something off the internet, and a first-timer will be able to get the hang of it in no time.

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