How To Signup The Binance Account

If you are interested in trading online with cryptocurrency, then you must create your binance account and start your online trading in just a few minutes. The signup method is easy and simple, where you can easily create it without any difficulty. In this article, we will guide you step by step in a simple way.

However, the people who do not have a legit id can also use scannable fake id reviews, which will also help to signup the account without any difficulty. Before purchasing bitcoin or BNB, you should require to register your account first on the binance.

So let go for the further details about the binance account, which will be very helpful to create your account the first time.

How to open Binance Account with Mobile Number

Step # 1.  First, you can go and visit the official website, which is, then click on the option to register.

Step # 2.  Click on the “Mobile” option and enter your mobile number, which you use, and your password. As well as the Referral ID if you have any. After you read and agree with the Terms of Service, click on the option of “Create Account.”

Note: For account security, the password should be at least eight characters long, with at least one uppercase and one numeric character. If you were invited to Binance by a friend, please remember to fill out the Referral ID field (optional).

Step # 3. After the number and password, you will complete the verification, which is used for security.

Step # 4. However, you will need a 6 digit verification code which is received from the system within 30 minutes. If you don’t receive a code, then you must click on the “Resend” option as well as you can click on the voice verification.

Step # 5. Congratulations, you’ve completed the registration process of Binance.

Step # 6. To improve the security of your account, you can click on the Dashboard and enable the two-factor authentication, which includes Google and phone verification.

How to Create an Account by using an Email Address

Step # 1. Just go on their official website, which is, and click on it for registration.

Step # 2. On the signup page, fill in the email address which you have and create a strong password for your account as well as; you can give the referral ID if you have any. Then read and accept all the terms & conditions, then click on the create account.


Your password should be a combo of letters and numbers which contain 8 characters must.

Step # 3. Afterward, verify your account to make your account secure.

Step # 4. A verification code is received to your email by the system in 30 minutes then you can easily verify your account. If you don’t receive the mail, you can check your other folder of mail and also click on the resend option.

Step # 5. Congratulation, you have successfully created your account on Binance.

Follow these easy steps to create an account on Binance and have a great experience with Binance.

Best of Luck!

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