How to take care of your hair on routine?

You can follow the following steps to take care of your hair on a regular basis. We stress that just because this article is about hair care, it doesn’t make it exclusive to females. The men out there require a haircare routine as well, some maybe more than other. In fact, some men might have a bigger beard than hair on their head that requires its own care like a beard straightener. But let’s first discuss general care with the below points.

Use shampoo just on the scalp

Apply your shampoo to the roots only and wash your scalp. Then you can add some water to distribute it more easily to your ends, or you can also just rinse the shampoo without massaging the shampoo in your length first: the foam runs over your hair when rinsing and cleans your hair sufficiently. Without being too degreasing and drying – this way you avoid the greasy roots / dry ends phenomenon.

Choice of your conditioner

An even better method is to apply conditioner to your hair length before shampooing on your scalp: your ends will benefit and they are protected from the detergents in the shampoo. After massaging the shampoo into your scalp, rinse the conditioner and shampoo together.

Conditioner after every wash

Use conditioner after every wash, even after the above method! You mainly use this on your points and your height. If you have a dry scalp, you can apply the conditioner all over your hair, otherwise, it’s best to stick to the length alone. Gently detangle your hair while the conditioner is working and while rinsing it out, this will make your hair easier to detangle after shampooing.

Maintain a healthy Length

The first step in growing your hair long is by far the most important. This step is an absolute must if you want healthy hair for any length, but it is also the most difficult step. If you decide to grow your hair, it is better to cut the existing damage to your hair. You can do this by individually cutting split ends or by a haircut. Remember, if your hair reaches your waist, your ends can be up to six years old, and during that time they will be damaged anyway, no matter how careful you are.

Treat with your scalp’s natural oil

Let your hair get dirty every now and then. The natural oil your scalp produces is good for your hair. So if you don’t have to go out, put your hair up so it’s out of your way and out of your mind. Don’t forget to brush it before washing to spread the oil on your hair, and don’t forget to open the door when the phone rings!

Use Wide Tooth comb

Using a wide-toothed comb is much less damaging, but it is important to choose a comb without rough or sharp edges scraping your hair. If you can’t find a seamless comb, you can also smooth the edges of your comb with a fine file.

Use leave in conditioner for coarse hair

If your hair is very coarse, or very curly perms or if your hair is damaged, you can use a leave-in conditioner on top of your regular conditioner that you do rinse. You can also use a small amount of your favorite conditioner or a few drops of oil. Be careful with this though, your hair can easily look greasy again. If you don’t have enough, you can still take a little extra.

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