Huawei Watch GT2 Review: Why You Should Buy It (And Why Not). 

Are you a Huawei fan? Even if you are not, you should take a look at its latest smartwatch: the Huawei watch GT2 Review

Why should you know about it? Well, it’s got a ton of necessary features that might interest you. I mean, you are living in the 21st century, so why not enjoy its sweet inventions!

So, without further ado, go through our review right now to find out what’s new in it!!

 Key Specs:

    • OS: Lite OS
    • Chipset: Kirin A1 (200mhz, Arm Cortex M7)
  • Construction : 3D glass screen (curved) paired with 42mm case
  • Display: 12 inch(diagonal), 390×390 pixels, AMOLED
  • Storage: 2.2 GB available for users (out of 4GB)
  • Location: GPS ,GLONASS
  • Bluetooth: BLUETOOTH 5.1
  • Charging: TYPE-C-USB input, Magnetic base for charging.
  • Water Resistance: 5ATM level waterproof
  • Battery: 217mAh capacity, lasts for up to 2 weeks
  • Weight: 30g ( approximate)

Positive Sides (Pros):

  • Sharp AMOLED display
  • Visible even in sunlight
  • 14 days battery backup
  • Modernistic appearance
  • Optimal pricing
  • Satisfactory water resistance level
  • Well protected casing

Negative Sides (Cons):

  • Third-party apps are not compatible 
  • Inconsistent heart rate detector performance
  • NFC unavailable globally 

 Components Included In The Package:

  • The Huawei watch GT2 

  • cable and cradle for charging 
  • User instruction manual and warranty document
  • A Screwdriver for Future maintenance

Price (When reviewed):

  •  199 USD ( Till August 2021)

Real-world Usage Review:

We have thoroughly tested a unit of the Huawei Watch GT2 and after analyzing the results, we came up with the following verdict:

Performance Quality And Hand Feel:

The KIRIN A1 processor from Huawei has truly proven to be a beast because it smoothly handles all the functions of the watch without any stutter or lag.

The native hand belt that comes with the watch does not feel irritating to the hand skin. 

In fact, the hand feel for this watch was very comfortable and it left no noticeable mark on the hand even after using it for an extended period of time.

Display And Battery:

The AMOLED display was sharp enough to be completely visible even in direct sunlight. 

The user can also easily see the time and other visual signs in the display even at midday. That’s cool!

Plus, the battery is as good as it promises to be, because one full charge of the battery lasted for more than 13 days, which exceeded our expectation.

Software And Storage:

As the device runs on Lite OS, it can’t run third-party apps. But, Huawei was kind enough to provide all the pre-installed apps and functions that an average user would need.

Although that watch has 4 GB of internal storage, you can only use about 2.2 GB to store your music.

Protection And Water-resistance :

The device is encased in a stainless steel frame. So, it is protected from low to mid-level drops. 

Additionally, we tested it by wearing it on all sorts of activities such as working out, jogging, or swimming. And, it could handle all those environments with an amazing ease.

The water resistance was satisfactory too. Even during swimming, it was well protected from water. That’s awesome!

Final Verdict: 

Although there are certain cons such as NFC not working outside China, at a $200 price point, we think this watch packs enough features to satisfy anyone.

Above all, we are happy to see Huawei doing well in the smartwatch market.

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