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Introducing High Performance ‘C-FACE’ Mask That Create Revolution In COVID-19 Pandemic

I think that many people wear masks regularly due to corona sickness. Infection control is essential, but if you are wearing a mask and maintaining a social distance, you may have trouble hearing your voice.

Therefore, this time, we will introduce the smart mask “C-FACE” that facilitates face-to-face communication. We will tell you about the features that eliminate the inconvenience of mask life and the recommended usage scenes.

Anyone can use it easily!

C-FACE is used with a commercially available mask attached. In particular, we recommend ear-hook masks with elastic cords. Press and hold the power button for 3 seconds to connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

The feature is that the voice is converted into characters when the application is launched. The central part of this product uses a soft material such as silicon and can be removed. The point is that you can continue to use it cleanly by wiping it off with a disinfectant solution.

Convenient functions

If you use the paid function, you can convert the voice into characters and translate it into eight languages. Also, you can create simple minutes.

C-FACE connects to a smartphone via Bluetooth and delivers voice to smartphones within a radius of 10m. Even if you speak in a small voice, you can deliver the voice properly, so it is an advantage that you can solve problems such as difficulty in hearing.

Usage scene

It is also useful at reception desks of companies and stores. Even if a foreigner comes to ask a question, if it is a supported language, it will be translated, and you will display the characters so that you can handle it smoothly.

Members can use C-FACE during meetings to prevent them from being unable to reach or hear their voices. Also, if you use additional functions, it is convenient because it supports minutes.

“C-FACE” solves the problem of face-to-face communication in the corona wreck with technology. After Corona can also be used as a translator when travelling abroad.

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