Is leased line connection worth the hype? Read now to find it

A leased line in India is a dedicated symmetrical data connection with a fixed bandwidth. We’ll explain more in detail about leased line connection and is it better for small business to flourish in this competitive era. To know more, continue reading it till the end of the post.

What are leased line connections used for? 

This is used to connect two sites. The first location is usually the corporate headquarters. The second location is typically another company’s headquarters, a data centre connected to the internet, or a data centre connected to the company’s existing wide area network.

What are dedicated lines used for?

Companies use leased lines for the following reasons:

  • Connect to the internet
  • Connect PCs and servers in different company offices
  • To make calls
  • Allows an employee to connect the work PC from the comfort of their home 

Leased line connections are dedicated connections

A leased line connection is known to be “dedicated”. To put it in simple words, it means that the required bandwidth is reserved exclusively for the entire leased line route. Unlike normal consumer Internet connections, the available bandwidth does not drop during peak hours in the case of a leased line connection when other customers of the same ISP are using the connection simultaneously.

Leased lines are symmetrical.

This means that data can be uploaded as fast as it can be downloaded. This helps the   employees in the following ways: 

  • Accessing her desktop at work from home
  • Sending big files quickly
  • Upload large files to websites
  • Data backup by online service
  • Host a website on your office server
  • Use your VoIP phone

A leased line may or may not be used as an Internet connection

It is common for businesses to purchase Internet access along with leased lines. However, a leased line in India is not the same as an Internet connection. Just like pipes can be used to carry different things. There is no need to purchase Internet access through a leased line connection.

 You don’t have enough information to fill a leased line to get Internet access. For example, you may choose to get 15 Mbps Internet access over a 20 Mbps leased line and deliver it over a 100 Mbps line. You can use 5 Mbps for WAN traffic and VoIP calls, leaving 80 Mbps for future use.

How much does a leased line cost? 

This depends on

  • your required connection speed,
  • your location, and 
  • the duration of your contract, whether short or long, changes the picture. Because of this, it often takes days for leased line connection providers to make offers. 

However, some providers can quote you prices more quickly. So, choosing wisely becomes very important.

Types of leased lines

Fiber leased line: This involves the process of transmitting light from a fiber leased line to a fiber optic cable to create a symmetrical data link. Few leased lines use fiber optic cable for all routing, but most leased lines use fiber optic cable for the most part. Fiber optic leased lines are faster than other types.

DSL Leased Line: The Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) provides a low-bandwidth leased line. DSL connections are asymmetric and contentioned compared to leased lines which are symmetrical and contention-free. You can choose SDSL, an asymmetrical alternative to DSL that offers faster upload speeds.

MPLS Leased Line: Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPSL) is a technology for encapsulating and transmitting data, let’s say from X to Y. You can paste labels for your reference and then take data transfer decisions based on those labels.

Advantages of leased lines (compared to ADSL)

  • Faster download speeds are usually available
  • Faster upload speed
  • Connections that don’t slow down during peak hours
  • Improved reliability
  • Better support

Disadvantages of leased lines (compared to ADSL)

  1. Cost – Although pricing has reduced over time, the fee of installation, mixed with the continuing monthly charges of leased line, is considerably higher than that of different connection alternatives, such as ADSL or FTTC. It will prove to be very expensive, and if you are planning to start a new business than it is better not to think of this option.
  2. Long wait times – Installation of leased line connection can take about three months instead of two weeks.
  3. Physical Installation – Installing a leased line connection is more complicated than ADSL installation. This is because ADSL can be deployed over already installed connections (telephone lines). Leased lines require new lines and possibly construction work to connect the building to the leased line provider’s network.

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Now, you have read everything about leased line connection, you might think will it meet our business requirements. If your answer is still yes, then you can go ahead with leased line connection. But if your answer is no and looking for a better alternative, then you might want to think about SD WAN connection. Why SD WAN connection? Because it is even better than tradition WAN. 

Some of the positive aspects of choosing SD WAN overleased line are as follows:

  • It relies on a software defined approach.
  • Provides flexibility in WAN management. 
  • The configuration process is fast.
  • SD-WAN configuration does not require human intervention.
  • Promises cost efficiency and fast connection. 
  • Whether you’re looking to deploy, configure, or manage your infrastructure, complexity is greatly reduced. 
  • Integrates seamlessly with security features such as SWG, WAN optimization and firewalls. It also offers a secure VPN.
  • Secure your traffic with end-to-end encryption.
  • Provides high performance as it connects directly to cloud-based applications.

Unlike MPLS connections, SD-WAN does not require a backhaul to the data center, making it easy for branch offices to connect to the internet. This results in better performance, lower latency, and stronger connections. It also reduces the time and effort required to set up and manage branch offices, giving users faster access to applications. And as more businesses embrace big data analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, SD-WAN moves data closer to the edge, making it easier to deliver intelligence to branch offices.

Now, you can simply decide what to choose for your business, be it leased line connection, WAN, SD WAN etc. 

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