Is Moving Making You Sick? The Physical and Psychological Effects of Moving

The thought of relocating to a new home, neighborhood, or even country can be exciting. Moving out of your current house and starting life afresh is something which many individuals look forward to, particularly if you were used to living in dire circumstances.

However, as much as the whole thing sounds exciting, you can’t deny the fact that relocating to a new house and neighborhood can be nerve-wracking, causing psychological and physical impacts.

Simply put, relocating can result in a mix of intense emotions that naturally lead to moving stress. Planning to move is not simple either. So if you need to hire the right moving company, relocate with less settle, and settle in the new house ease, it would be important to understand and prepare well.

Understanding the Change is Hard

Even a minor change may at times be challenging to deal with, and relocating is no small change. There are a lot of breaks in routines associated with relocating, and each one of them should be worked out and processed in your head.

Added to this is the anxiety and stress, which might be caused by encountering new places and people. Proper planning might help to deal with this stress and anxiety.

Plus, you will have a rough idea of what to anticipate and look for someone you may speak to so as to process those changes. Other things you may help to weather the anxiety and stress of change include:

  • Eating well
  • Getting enough sleep
  • Maintaining a routine
  • Exercising regularly

How Frequent Do Moves Affect Adults?

Obviously, relocating is stressful, but it might seriously impact individuals in adulthood. According to a certain survey, folks, including those with guardians or parents in the military who were forced to relocate, are more likely to abuse substances, attempt to commit suicide, and have timely death.

But individuals who frequently move in their adolescent stage were more likely to have adverse health outcomes later in their lives. That survey also reports that every additional move got linked to the increased risks for psychological problems.

Impacts of Moving to Kids

Children who have moved six or more times are three times more likely to experience mental health compared to kids who stay in hometowns. That is because they have to leave their friends behind and change schools during the time of social development.

As a parent, you must know that such a change might become more stressful for kids, as they are less resilient and more sensitive. So the right thing to do is spend time with your kids outdoors. Spending a lot of time surrounded by concrete might result in city-living blues.

Though going for nature walks or heading to a park can be the best way to deal with the stress associated with moving. Other ways to consider include:

  • Creating a community
  • Discussing it

The Bottom Line!

Moving to a new neighborhood or home can be stressful at any age. But some studies show that frequently moving in childhood is usually related to poor well-being in adulthood, particularly among more neurotic or introverted individuals.

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