Petrol car wash machine exist in many different ways. They are among the machines bought to conserve a car and make it look neat. They have been for sale in Kenya for the longest time possible. Some have developed over time, while others have got the chance to remain in their original form due to THEIR efficiency for a long time.

The machine can be used for both domestic and commercial purposes.Theyexist nationwide and there is a reason for their prices that may at times be quite high or even drop. The following are the factors considered when it comes to the prices;


These type of machines have been made in a way whereby they are portable enough hence can be moved from place to place. They are not permanently at one place thus one is sure of their security as they can store them wherever they want. They have wheels that enable this type of movement. This thus definitely means it is not bulky to move around.


Petrol car wash machine price in Kenya arises from the fact that it requires no electricity to function. It has an engine of its own that uses petrol thus enables it to go through its cleaning activity without giving one the fear of it stopping when there is no power supply. It thus saves on costs and limits one from a number of unnecessary bills.


The fact that it needs no electricity and is portable brings out the advantage of it being used anywhere. This is either in the urban or rural areas as cleaning is needed everywhere especially for those who do not want to do it themselves. It is a good start for any business opening and will work a great deal for the owner. The fact that it can be used anywhere gives the owner the chance to explore places where he will be able to find good income instead of sticking up at one point.


The power of a car wash machine that uses petrol, wins it all when it comes to why it sells at a certain price. The machine has strong and good power that makes it able to clean every part of the car like any other machine. The power being strong makes it run for a long time and at the same time makes it most preferable; it will at no time disappoint but instead give good and tremendous results.

In conclusion, these wash machines should be well stored and taken care of. This is for someone who would like to use it for the longest of time possible. The amount from the business can make the price of the machine look too little that one may own a number of this types of machine. The brands are however very important when it comes to the price. Also ensure to do a proper market research for the product to get the best product at the best price and avoid buying counterfeits or being unnecessarily overcharged.

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