Key Benefits of Web Applications for Business

Modern web-application is software that helps to effectively solve business problems of various levels of complexity.

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Web applications are an indispensable marketing tool used by an increasing number of companies. They solve a huge number of complex problems, help automate your business, and make life easier for employees. Such a system allows you to automate production, communication, commercial, and administrative processes. As a result, the interaction between company employees and partners is simplified and accelerated, which helps the business to develop.

We at WebSailors have identified the advantages of web applications for business:

  1. Reducing costs. Due to the automation of processes and instant data exchange, employees’ working time is saved. Material costs are reduced. As a result, free resources are freed up in the company.
  2. Automation. In addition to reducing costs, it also increases efficiency. Imagine that the report begins to be drawn up not by an accountant, who can get tired, feel bad and therefore make mistakes, but a program that is not subject to such factors. Duty cycle is accelerated.
  3. Functionality. Typically, a web service is created to solve several problems. Therefore, the effectiveness of the organization is increased in a comprehensive manner. The functions inherent in the product provide for success on several fronts.

Why does business choose web applications over mobile:

  1. Web applications do not require installation on your phone, unlike mobile ones, so they do not take up space on your smartphone.
  2. You only need a browser and the Internet to work – you don’t need to install special software to use the web application.
  3. Development of web applications is usually cheaper than mobile applications.
  4. When updates are made to the web application, they are carried out on the site automatically.
  5. The costs of developing web applications are lower

Let’s say separately about the main advantage of web applications – they are initially developed for the specifics and tasks of your business. This is not a typical product that can be useful too. This is a unique development that fully meets the exact settings, created exclusively for your business processes.

Another advantage of the web application is the fact that users do not depend on the operating system, so web applications are cross-platform.

Types of web applications

They are of four types. Each of them is aimed at solving specific business problems:

1. Corporate portals:

  •  Improves the quality of customer service
  •  increases employee performance indicators
  •  establishment of communication between different departments of the company
  •  building effective communication with contractors
  •  increases the mobility of employees of the organization
  •  gives the opportunity to work with documents remote

2. CRM:

  •  preserving the integrity and security of the client base
  •  sales analysis collection
  •  sales volume growth
  •  increasing efficiency of employees
  •  minimization of work with paper document turnover

3. ERP

Applications of this format are necessary for large companies that want to have an established connection between different departments, as well as open and expand business opportunities.

 4. E-commerce systems

E-commerce systems help companies promote their products online and accept and process applications.

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