Macron Returns As the Crystal Palace Shirt Brand

The Crystal Palace shirt brand has been around for many years. Originally, it was claret and blue, but in 1973 it was changed to red and blue vertical stripes. The club shares a longstanding rivalry with rivals Brighton & Hove Albion and Millwall Rajabandot. There is also a rivalry with Charlton Athletic.

In addition to Macron’s return as the shirt brand, Macron is returning to Crystal Palace after a four-year absence. The French sportswear company will supply the team’s home and away kits, travel garments, and accessories key4d. The partnership will last until the 2022/23 season. Macron will continue to supply the club’s apparel in the coming years.

The club’s previous shirt brand was Puma. Macron, an Italian sportswear company, has been working with the Eagles since 2014. Macron is the third largest sportswear brand in Europe and has recently celebrated its 50th anniversary. The crest artwork for the new kit is unique, and the crest is a combination of the original 1973 eagle with a football waslot.

The Crystal Palace shirt brand is owned by Palace Holdco LP, a limited partnership registered in Delaware. Its shareholders include Palace Parallel LLC, which owns 1.5% of the team. Palace Holdco LP and Palace Parallel LLC do not have to disclose their ownership of the club.

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