Make Your School Future-Ready With Studynlearn School App

The online education system has grown in such a way that school children of all ages benefit from its benefits. In the present scenario of COVID-19, nobody could have imagined that online learning would serve a crucial role in imparting information digitally for students in schools in times of uncertainty about schools being reopened. The online learning platform has emerged to aid students in finishing their courses, regardless of the national lockdown.

Furthermore, the school-from-home concept is also allowing parents to be vigilant about the communication and interpersonal abilities their children are learning while weighing the advantages of online learning. Parents are also enthusiastic about e-learning sources while helping their children to benefit from this technologically advanced idea.

According to a report from Babson Survey Research Group in 2013, more than 6.7 million students were enrolled in online courses in the year 2011. More and more parents are moving towards e-learning apps.

The Biggest Challenge

Edtech is booming but schools are left behind with very little to no growth during the pandemic. Schools are facing various challenges in collecting student fees timely, delivering high-quality education, and ensuring better performance of students in academics.

School teachers are also struggling with resources for teaching and facing issues while teaching online, which is also very new to teachers who were used to teaching via the traditional chalkboard method.

So amidst all of these challenges, how can a school ensure better learning and make their school future-ready?

With Studynleran Whitelabel App, schools can:

  1.  Increase Admission
  2. Boost School Growth
  3. Deliver High-Quality Learning
  4. Teach with Advanced and Engaging Resources
  5. Impart Visual Learning
  6. Get Interactive and User-Friendly Mobile App
  7. Get Complete Teacher’s Training
  8. Track Student’s Performance
  9. Monitor Student’s Progress
  10. Ensure Better Fee Collection
  11. Bring Curiosity in Students
  12. Increase Attendance In Class
  13. Produce Better Learning Outcome

How To Make Your School Future-Ready?

You can ensure future-proof learning by embracing online ways of studying. The world is about to get to a point at which everything will be just an easy click away. So, why not make education accessible at the fingertips of every student?

There are a plethora of ways for delivering online education. We’ll explore a few of them in-depth and how they can help students get prepared for the future.

1. Live Virtual Classrooms

Live online classes permit interaction with students via comments and chats. This makes the class more engaging is a great way to encourage debate and give immediate responses to questions.

Bring the classroom to your students through live classes.

With Studynlearn Whitelabel App, teachers can conduct live classes and solve doubts instantly.

2. Online Attendance Tracking

Teachers can utilize Studynlearn Whitelabel App to track attendance online. It reduces the risk of mistakes and saves time. It can provide a complete overview of the month’s attendance or the year’s worth of attendance.

3. Online Fee Payments – Ensure Proper and timely fee collection.

The school’s administrators can also benefit from the Studynlearn Whitelabel App with an entirely functional fee management system online. The system can keep track of the fee of students and other tasks.

Teachers in all settings must be focused on the practices which can enhance learning for students through effective technology integration, Studynlearn Whitelabel App offers the chance to accomplish this.

While online and distance learning have been practiced for years in various ways, the latest technological advancements give online educators the opportunity to develop learning activities that weren’t available prior.

4. Learning through Interactive Tools

Research has consistently shown that interactive techniques are associated with positive outcomes for students, like higher levels of focus, enthusiasm for the subject, and satisfaction. Interactive classrooms also do better in the assessment of student learning.

Through interactive tools like MCQs, quizzes, and other games, students are able to improve their knowledge, curiosity, and strength, as well as their knowledge, team spirit, the freedom to express themselves, will grow.

5. Incorporating Visual Learning

Visual learning helps you perceive the information and learn it. It captures what it sees in relation to spatial awareness images, colors, brightness, or any other type of visual information. Thus, it is the ideal environment for students to learn visually.

With Studynlearn school App, teachers can use 2D-3D animated lectures, real-life videos, engaging video lectures, practical videos, diagrams, and maps for efficient learning. Visual learners can increase their confidence and perform better in the classroom.

The student might not grasp math concepts using numbers, but when they can visualize the same idea in a visual format, they will grasp the concept immediately. Visual learning enhances the memory of students of important details.

Students of all different learning styles are much more likely to recall images instead of words. This strategy will aid in increasing retention and recalling of concepts.

6. Monitoring Student’s Performance

Continuous monitoring of the progress of students aids teachers in ensuring that their education follows the expectations without interruptions or delays. With the help of modern tracking tools, teachers are able to see how long students have to spend learning a certain subject, and also how much progress they have made over the month, or one week or even in a day. 

Teachers can look at this data to determine which subjects are the most difficult for particular students and they can personalize learning for each student for better outcomes.

With Studynlearn White label App, teachers can track students’ performance, they can monitor student’s progress as well by tracking what lectures the student has been watching, how many questions he or she has marked correctly.

There are a lot of advancements that can be achieved in schools with the aid of technology for education.

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