Need a Vacuum Cleaner? Factors to Consider when Purchasing One

Cleaning is an essential activity that is done every day of our lives in different environments and workplaces. Inventions such as those of vacuum cleaners make these activities trouble-free. Vacuum cleaners are manufactured with different features and capabilities.

With the many vacuum cleaner manufacturing companies with dissimilar products, choosing the right machine among the many available can be a tough job. In this article, I shall discuss the factors to consider when purchasing the one that suits your needs. Some of these factors include;

Vacuum power

To determine the power of a vacuum cleaner, the suction force is referenced for it is responsible for sucking substantial materials and liquids. It is assessed in mbar and mmH20 in what is referred to as Water lift. Another assessment parameter is airflow, expressed in L/s and m3/h, representing air volume taken in for vacuuming fine fragments.


A motor is an extremely essential tool in the working of a vacuum cleaner. The motor installed corresponds to the power of the machine. Different types of motors are installed in vacuum cleaners concerning the application environment and material being vacuumed. The application and frequency of use factor result in differences in power among the vacuum cleaners and hence variations in vacuum cleaner price in Kenya.

Vacuum cleaner design

With different application environments, vacuum cleaners have different designs and features for efficiency in the environment. Some of these features include collection tanks, wheels, mass, size, and length of power cord for maneuverability. It is therefore important to choose a machine that is well adapted to your working area, may it be a shop, house, office, or even industry or factory.

Filtration equipment

A vacuum cleaner has an installed collection bag made of a strong material that is tear-resistant to collect dirt. In addition, it also has filters to prevent the collected material from going into the motor or back to the cleaned environment. Filter maintenance is therefore essential for great machine performance.

Additional accessories

When looking for a vacuum cleaner, look at the accessories that are provided apart from the machine-installed default parts. Such accessories include a flat lance, round brush, universal brush, and wet brush for cleaning different surfaces.


A good machine should produce minimal noise as it is operating but still maintains efficiency. This is because some of the environments such as libraries are noise-sensitive. Reduced noise levels also provide comfort to the user and avoid distractions to the people around.


Vacuum cleaners are manufactured with different designs and features that might be confusing and pose risks of buying defective machines or those that have a short tool life. By knowing what to look for in the machine, the task of choosing becomes a piece of cake. Knowing how the machine works is also essential for maintenance and to extend its working life. With the features and factors that I have discussed above, You have the required knowledge to choose a vacuum cleaner that best suits your needs.

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