Nephritic Syndrome in Pediatrics

While nephritic syndrome may affect children of all ages, it usually occurs in adolescents and school-aged children. In children, males are affected more often than females. Symptoms of the thingnews disorder include peeing less than usual, urinating in dark, foamy urine, and increasing risk of infection. Additionally, children with nephritic syndrome may have increased swelling of their face and arms.

The causes of nephritic syndrome vary widely. Children with minimal change disease generally show only slight changes in their glomeruli. There is no clear genetic cause of this syndrome lactosas, but researchers have found a few associations. Some researchers have theorized that the immune system may be involved. In contrast, other diseases, such as diabetes and cancer, can damage glomeruli. Some medications are also associated with nephrotic syndrome.

The most common symptom of nephritic syndrome in children is swelling around the eye. This swelling is newsplanets usually greatest in the morning and can be mistaken for seasonal allergies. Nephritic syndrome in pediatrics is caused by disease of the pklikes kidney’s filtering system. However, other causes include infections, diseases of other parts of the body, and genetics. Regardless of the cause, it’s important to seek treatment as soon as possible.

If the nephritic syndrome is detected early, it may be possible to control symptoms. Treatment options for nephritic syndrome depend on how severe the pklikes com login condition is. Steroids and other treatment medications may be prescribed to reduce or eliminate symptoms. A doctor may suggest a diet that restricts salt or prevents the accumulation of fluid in the body. If symptoms are severe, dialysis may be needed to remove extra fluid from the blood.

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