New to creating real estate open house postcards? Use these 4 foolproof template ideas to get new clients!     

There are many strategies to selling a house in real estate, and since real estate is a business that is for the long run, you need to put the right approaches in place to ensure that you’ll get new and returning clients to your business. Open house days are one such strategy, as they allow you to show clients what a house really looks like and to also learn what preferences they would like so you know which houses to connect them with in the future.

For an open house, the homeowners usually vacate the premises and let the potential buyers go through the home and determine if it fits their preferences.  An open house day:

  • is an opportunity to display the difference between your house and the rest
  • reduces the marketing costs
  • Is a chance to share added extras to increase the selling ability of the house.

Knowing how important an open house day is to boosting your real estate sales, you will want to get the word out there as far as and as quickly as you can. Using open house postcards might do just that for you. You might probably be thinking, haven’t postcards been overused and become outdated?

Quite the opposite actually, postcards have a potential ripple effect for your business, as they continue to market on your behalf wherever they may be. Here is how to make sure your business stand out with these realtor postcard marketing ideas for an open house:

Choosing the right format

Before designing the postcard, you need to know the intended open house postcard format. By determining the format, you plan on the space needed. This is used as the basis of the design. Additionally, the font formats and sizes are dependent on the format. The fonts should perfectly fit the format; they should neither be too big nor too small. For instance, larger formats, such as flats, give you more space to hold your content.


The major components of an open house postcard are design, format, and color choices. The color choice selected should be contrasting with the postcard background to increase the visibility of the contents. The other features of an ideal postcard include;

  • A clear and bold headline
  • Appropriate graphic content
  • Subheadings leading to the content
  • Contact information
  • Call to action
  • Return address
  • Your company name and logo
  • The offer

Use of stamps

When delivering the open house stamps, including stamps will go a long way in delivering results. Even though it might be a little expensive, it is worth the price. To curb the extra expenses, you can opt for precanceled stamps that are customized but a little cheaper.

Pick a suitable class of open house postcards.

The open house postcard has been widely categorized into regular postcards, jumbo postcards, block postcards, panoramic postcards, and giant postcards. The right choice of postcards depends on the type of open house event you are having and the type of clients you wish to attract to yourself. You don’t want to either underwhelm or overwhelm the clients, so the class and type you choose must be spot on and balanced.

You’re Ready to Make Your Postcards

There you have it, a few pointers to get you started on making the best open house postcards there have ever been. After everything is ready, be sure to make the directories relevant and the postcards delivered. You will now only have to wait and watch the postcards work for you.

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