Ocean Freight Shipping & its 4 best advantages

When you want to transport goods over the borders, there are quite a few options available to consider. Out of those options, ocean freight shipping is the most popular. In fact, around 90% of the goods around the world are being transported through this method. There are companies such as 20Cube Freight Forwarding & Logistics Solutions, which facilitate these. But before you work with any of those companies to proceed with ocean freight shipping, you need to be aware of the benefits that come along with them.

What is ocean freight forwarding?

An ocean freight forwarding company usually specializes in moving freight with cargo ships. This is the method of transporting goods over the sea, by loading them into large containers in vessels. When you want to ship out goods through the ocean to another part of the world, you will be seeking the assistance of an ocean freight forwarding company.

Advantages of ocean freight shipping 

–         It is cost-effective

The most prominent benefit that you can experience out of ocean freight shipping is the cost-effectiveness. When you compare the cost of ocean freight shipping along with air freight shipping, you will notice how much money you will be able to save at the end of the day. According to a recent study conducted by the World Bank, ocean freight is around 122 to 16 times cheaper when compared to air freight. Therefore, you will be able to keep all your expenses low and overcome unwanted expenses.

–         It handles larger volumes

Another major benefit that comes with ocean freight shipping is that it allows you to handle larger volumes with ease. For example, a 40-foot ocean container will be able t hold around 33 cubic meters of goods. This is equivalent to around 10,000 beer bottles. Based on the nature of the materials that you ship; a large container will be able to carry a weight of around 60,000 lbs. at a time. This is practically not possible via ground transport or air freight.

There are some massive carriers operating around the world, which are in a position to handle more than 20,000 containers at a time. Depending on your origin and destination, you will be able to get the service of such carriers.

–         It is ideal for transporting bulky goods

When there is a need to transport bulky goods, you may take a look at ocean freight shipping without keeping a doubt in mind. Depending on the size of the ocean liners, there is a possibility to carry bulky and heavy goods at a very low price tag. Aircraft has limitations when it comes to carrying bulky goods. For example, it is not possible to transport massive steel bars in flights. This is where ocean freight comes into play.

–         It is environmentally friendly

Another great thing about ocean freight shipping is that it is an environmentally friendly way of shipping goods. It requires very little emission of carbon to transport goods. Hence, a large number of multinational organizations out there tend to go ahead with using ocean freight as the prominent method of transporting goods.

Working with 20Cube Ocean Freight to transport your goods

Now you have a clear understanding about the benefits that come along with ocean freight shipping. If you want to experience these benefits, you will need to get in touch with a reputable ocean freight forwarding company. This is where 20Cube would come into play. You can get in touch with these specialists and gather more information on how to transport your goods with them. There are 50+ branches of them globally and 3 different branches in Australia alone namely Freight Forwarders Brisbane, Freight Forwarder Melbourne, and Freight Companies Sydney. Reach out to them now to enjoy the benefits.

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