Outdoor Curtains – Options to Choose for Best Window Treatment

While choosing good curtain materials for your outdoor curtains, it is important to consider various aspects to get ahold of the best one. The primary consideration is to be given to getting the right choice of material and then consider the most appropriate size choice to make. You need to consider the fabric as to how the curtains should drape and hang. Other considerations are the coverage, texture, durability of the material, ease of laundering, etc. You must check out various curtain fabrics and options to choose the best option for your outdoor window treatment.

Curtain material choices


Polyester is a very common fabric used for curtains, which is highly durable, affordable, and sturdy. Polyester curtains are also easy to care for and can resist shrinking, wrinkling, stretching, etc. As polyester is a low-maintenance material, these may be perfect for first-timers too. It also does not cost much and is available in plenty of varieties.

Polyester is also perfect for the curtains indoors, like the living room or bedroom etc. However, while considering polyester, it is not ideal to use this material in the kitchen or other areas prone to catch fire as polyester is highly flammable. Polyester can absorb odours and also can limit air circulation. Polyester curtains are also available in various colours, patterns, and styles.

You may consider buying a darker variant if you have pets and young children at home. It is also ideal to consider darker shades for high traffic areas like outdoor spaces. If polyester material catches dirt, it will be very difficult to remove the same.

Linen material for curtains

Linen is another cosy fabric that can offer you a tailored fit for outdoor curtains. You may find many types of curtains which are constructed out of this material, which is ideal for casual dining space, bedroom, or living room. Linen can drape nicely, and this sheer fabric also does not block the sun and allows natural light to fill the living space. Linen curtains can be dry cleaned only and should be hung to dry to avoid any wrinkling. Good quality linen curtains can be a picture-perfect addition to the outdoor and indoor spaces alike.

Cotton curtains

There are curtains made of cotton and blended cotton materials which are highly versatile. Those are very crisp and clean, which can suit both modern and traditional décor styles. Cotton curtains can also drape well, which make those a natural fit for the outdoor space too. However, one major drawback of cotton is that it may absorb moisture and get damp, which will be a problem while installed outdoors.

If you plan to block the sunlight at your veranda or the patio, you need to consider tight-weave cotton for the same. If you prefer to allow light inside, then just opt for sheer cotton curtains. You may also consider a curtain with a lined cotton panel to ensure the dark effect.

Whichever option you choose, be sure to compare various options and identify the best quality material and right size curtains to be installed in your space.

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