Parenting Guide – Some Tips for New Parents

A parenting guide does not really exist, sorry to tell you. There is no such thing as a perfect parent because we are all human and we are all wrong but it is certainly possible to learn from the mistakes of others. Therefore, we have collected some advice from parents and gathered them for the next article. These tips will not make you perfect parents who are not wrong because as we said, there are none, but it is certainly possible to learn a thing or two and avoid some mistakes along the way.

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Parenting Guide – You get along very well

Every new parent feels he is doing something wrong, always thinking there is someone who is doing it better than them. First of all, we are here to reassure you and tell you that is not true. Only you, know what is best for your child. So, just keep doing what you are doing, you are doing it great.

Parenting Guide – There is no right way to be a parent

As we have already said, there is no such thing as perfect parenting and therefore there is no one right way to be a parent. Everyone does it their way. Do not make comparisons between your child and the child of your neighbor or friends and do not compare yourself to them. Everyone does it in their own way because we are all different human beings. There is no problem (and even desirable) to consult and get tips from other parents but in the end, you will do it your way and it is right for you.

Parenting Guide – Each step goes through at the end

You will have struggles and difficulties, there is no way to avoid it but to get through them successfully and relatively easily, the only thing you should always remember is that everything is temporary. The sleepless nights, it’s temporary. A child who does not eat vegetables, it is temporary, and the fact that he has not yet started walking even though all his peers have already started, it is also temporary.

Take each and every step as an experience and remember that it will pass pretty soon. If you treat it too dramatically, you will suffer, but if you look at it as an experience and focus on the positive things, your child will notice it and he himself will be happier.

Parenting Guide – It’s not a shame to ask for help

Everyone wants to be independent and do everything on their own but remember that no one has succeeded on their own. Everyone received help of one kind or another. Believe us that no one will look at you with a crooked eye if you ask for help, on the contrary, whoever you ask for help will immediately jump in to help.

It does not matter if it is grandparents, uncle and aunt or friends, everyone will be willing to help and advise. In the end, the more people who love and connect with your child, the better. Help also does not have to be help with the baby. Also making you a cup of coffee or helping you promote your housework a bit is a help you will probably be happy to receive.

Parenting Guide – Take time to get to know each other

You always hear about the strong and special bond between parents and their baby. These are just nonsense in tomato juice. You can not be so attached to a person you know for a month or two, even if it’s your child. For this reason, it’s okay not to understand what he wants when he cries, it does not mean you are not good parents. In time you will be able to differentiate between the different types of crying and you will know to say whether he is crying because he wants to eat or because he is just tired.

Parenting Guide – Do not neglect yourself

Just because you are a parent does not mean that your whole life should revolve around your baby or housework. First of all, for the mothers we have built, we have written an article that teaches a combination of motherhood and free time . Read it and you will be able to fulfill yourself without feeling that you are neglecting the child. In general, you must not neglect yourself and you must make time for yourself as an individual and for you as a couple. Have an evening a week where you order food from outside, go out to a restaurant, go to a movie or any other pastime you like. Even an evening where you take a longer shower and go to bed relatively early to watch TV is cool.

Parenting Guide – Perpetuate Moments

A passing moment does not return and therefore must be commemorated. Take pictures, record videos and do everything so that you have memories that you can look at in the future in a relaxed and fun way. We all have a camera available today so take it out occasionally to capture the moment. 

Parenting Guide – Get Out There

When you have a small baby, sometimes you prefer to stay home. Each family for its own reasons. One family may not want the whole world to hear their baby screaming, another family is a little scared that something or anything else will happen.

Despite all this, it is very important to get out of the house with the baby, not only for you but also for him. Going outside the house gives the child a different view and at a young age, this is how he learns about the world and the environment. In addition, the fresh air will do him and you good.

You need some break from the view of the house and need some relaxation that a walk outside can provide you. It can be just a walk around the street, an exit to the park or a real walk. It does not matter what is comfortable for you, the main thing is that you go out.

Parenting Guide – It is best not to take new things second hand

If your friends, cousin or anyone else you know is trying to help and give you baby products, you need to look into the matter for a moment. No doubt their intentions are good and they really want to help but you also need to do some filtering regarding the objects you take and those that do not. Good products like clothes for example, no problem to take because it will save you money and if the garment is good, there is no reason not to use it.

If you have been offered a new product that still has the price tag on it and is still in the box, here you need to be suspicious for a moment. If the person did not need what he was willing to give you, you probably will not need it either and in the future you will try to deliver the same product in the same condition and in the same way. So, think twice about whether you really need the products they give you or you just take to have it.

We hope we have been able to expand your personal parenting guide a bit. Take these tips and advice and apply them in your daily life with your baby. Remember, no one in the world knows what your child’s past is better than you. Not your parents, not your friends and not such and such professionals. Trust your instincts because as you become a parent, they change and evolve.

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