Party Foods That Are Sure To Help you Win Best Host Title

Who doesn’t love a good party? Everyone does, which is why party foods can help one steal the best host/hostess title, just like that. Best party foods are considered to be those which are dry or made with less gravy (so that there isn’t much mess created after the party gets over) and also which can be served in handheld portions. Although, there has to be a huge cake surrounding the entire party which can be baked or ordered online alongwith cake delivery in Gurgaon or wherever the party is taking place. Coming back to discussing party foods, doesn’t we like some spicy, desi- Indian touch in our party foods (mostly because aakhir dil hai hindustani)…Well if its that the case, then we should definitely consider bringing some changes in our party food menu, the next time we are throwing a party.

  1. Prawns Rava Fry – If you are going to entertain some non vegetarian guests then prawn rava fry seems like the perfect addition to your party food menu. You guests will forget about popcorn and chicken nuggets after you serve them some rava coated deep fried shrimps with a chutney. It is sure to leave each and everyone at the party drooling.
  2. Chicken Tikka – Your party would be absolutely incomplete without some juicy chicken tikka, so make sure to include them. One of the most popular party food addictions, chicken tikkas are marinated chicken pieces which are grilled in a skewer to give it a burnt tandoori flavour. Serve chicken tikka, the next time for sure it is indeed a crowd pleaser for all your non vegetarian party people.
  3. Kebabs – Just one word to make your party people go salivating – KEBAB. Isn’t it? There are a lot of kebab options, both for your vegetarian as well as non vegetarian people that you can consider from Galouti kebabs, Kakori kebabs to Dahi ke kebabs, Hara bhara kebabs, etc. Your party is sure to be looked back upon when kebabs are served to your guests.Visit this site pagalmovies
  4. Momos – From making way into everyone’s heart with its spicy red chutney to being a popular street to 5-star food item, momos are sure to take your party up by a few notches. You can choose to serve vegetarian momos like mix veggies momos, paneer momos or even non vegetarian like prawn momos, chicken momos, etc. Make sure you have the chutney ready for your guest at the party.
  5. Samosa – With a mashed potato seasoned with spices filling, samosas tend to steal every Indian’s heart ever. You can choose to serve samosas with gunpowder, chutney, yoghurt dip or ketchup to leave everyone drooling and asking for a piece of more. Accompany some samosas with a cup of elaichi chai, it is sure to melt your guests heart into tears.
  6. Pakoras – From being everyone’s rainy season favourite to being a party food, pakoras are fritters which can be made of any veggies, cheese or other such delicious deep fried stuffings. It looks delish but tastes even better. Fried munchies are always a major hit across birthdays and anniversary parties.
  7. Kachori – Khasta kachori stands for crispy snack item which is quite popular in India. Filled with lentil mixture, kachoris are sure to leave one tempted with its crunchiness and it’s sweet and sour chutneys. Sege this North and Central Indian delicacy to satiate the taste buds of all your guests attending the party. If you use this site you will find a lot of information about gofilms4u

So, these were some amazing party food options with a touch of desi-ness to it. Next time when you throw a party make sure to include as many as these party foods to leave your party guests amazed with your hosting skills.

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