Plate Compactor Buying Guide

If you need to compact dust, gravel, or sand, you will need a plate compactor to make work easier. Paving blocks and cobblestones likewise need a compacting plate. Whether you need a gadget with a compaction force gas engine of a fuel type, it is good to know its price.

Plate compactors or vibrating plates are devices you use when working with granular soils. The vibrations help to compress the soil particles together, hence the name plate compactors. Their comprehensive nature facilitates the force spreading over a large surface area, therefore more efficient than an upright rammer. Let’s look at this tool in detail as far as prices are concerned.

Professional specifications

Look out for the powerful alpha works 7Hp 4 stroke engine in a plate compactor. This significantly influences the gas oil your machine uses, and it would be best to find one with readily available oil. Secondly, look out for the efficiency in terms of the power output. It means that the machine should consume less fuel and produce more power, about 5Kw.

Besides the exciter speed of 5500 VPM, it should have a suitable travel speed, preferably 115 FT per minute or slightly more. A 19 Kn burst impact force is ideal for compressing particles as you work, hence saving time and energy. If the rotation speed is about 3600 RPM, go for the machine without forgetting the maximum compaction depth.

Efficiency and maneuverability

A good plate compactor machine should allow you to handle it comfortably due to the presence of shock-absorbing mechanisms. This reduces fatigue and increases operation control. The collapsible folding handle is mandatory for efficiency. Furthermore, it should function for all concrete projects.

Thisincludes pavers installation, patios, lawns, gardens, walkways,and asphalting projects. Since you may need to use the machine in different areas, it should allow mobility within narrow places and paths. The efficiency of a machine is an excellent determinant of plate compactor price in Kenya.

Safety and usage

Up to this moment, it is clear that the machine uses fuel, gasoline to be specific. The engine must have a suitable design to guarantee you complete safety. Every device must have the user manual for safety, a tip to distinguish between credible sellers and poor products. Nevertheless, you can maintain safety by using the machine for approved applications to avoid unnecessaryaccidents.


The price should always be the last factor to analyze, but many people overlook this fact. With technological advancements, there is the evolution of many fake prices with hiked prices. Therefore, the features of the machines remain to be the most significant determinants of the value of a device.


In general, plate compactors are good machines, but being aware of what to consider when purchasing them is crucial. Look out for the professional specifications, efficiency,maneuverability, and features that enhance the machine’s safety when in use. Finally, consider the prices and ensure you buy from reputable sellers or established brands.

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