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Sweet Bonanza is a video slot with the theme of “sweet food” such as grapes and apples, bananas and peaches, and lollipops. Sweet Bonanza takes you to the world of surreal Willy Wonka made of candies, cakes, and sweet fruits. The game was relieved by Pragmatic Play on June 27, 2019, at all casinos. Sweet Bonanza is a 6-reel x 5-row slot released by Pragmatic Play.

There may have been slots with similar names, but you’ll soon notice that they’re different when you look at the game thumbnails at the casino. As you can understand from the name, many sweets will appear.

Many slots like this, like candy, fruits, etc., are popular themes in slots.

In Sweet Bonanza (スイートボナンザ) colorful symbols such as candy and fruits appear, and ice cream, cupcakes, and bread with plenty of creams Sweet Bonanza is a video slot with the theme of “sweet food” grapes and apples, bananas and peaches, and lollipops. Lie everywhere in the background.

The volatility of the sweet Bonanza is set to medium to high, and you can earn up to 21,000 times the bet amount. In short, not only are the graphics beautiful, the video slots are explosive.

Free spin bonus-

In Sweet Bonanza, you can buy a free spin bonus round by paying 100 times your bet. Also, in addition to entering the bonus round immediately, in this case, you can earn 20 times more multipliers.

Those who want to take risks and aim for higher dividends should use this bonus purchase function.

In Sweet Bonanza, you can enter the Free Spins Bonus Round when four or more scatter marks are off. You will receive ten free spins when you enter the bonus round.

And if three or more scatter symbols close during the bonus, you can get five more free spins. Therefore, if you are lucky, you can continue the bonus for a long time.

Sweet Bonanza Free Spins Bonus Round has added colorful bomb multiplier symbols not found in base games. This symbol has a multiplier of 2 to 100 times, and when this multiplier stops in the slot, this multiplier will be applied to the paid money. This makes it easier to win big in free spin bonus rounds.

The theme of this game-

Sweet Bonanza is an online slot with a sweet atmosphere. Sweets are scattered worldwide, and fruits such as apples, plums, bananas, and grapes are piled up. It’s a fun slot that will make you laugh if you turn around while listening to cheerful sounds.

This can be a bit of an unusual type of slot for online slots of pragmatic play. It has a cartoonish look that is more like 3D graphics than realistic graphics, giving it a great taste.

The soft, light, digital sound is perfect for games, and the subtle chimes add to the sweet atmosphere of more slots. When the reels are rotated, and the symbols are aligned, a soft sound is heard. Various fruits and sweets pop out in an arched style, and art-like effects celebrate the symbol’s hit.

Reputation from the players-

There were a lot of opinions about スイートボナンザ, about cute graphics.

Regarding the gameplay, there are many reviews that it is difficult to enter the free spin bonus round because the volatility is set to medium to high. It seems that the symbols of about three lollipop scatters are often present, but since the fourth is not easily present, it seems that it is often frustrating.

Therefore, there was a suggestion that those who want to aim for quick big wins should use the bonus purchase function.

Better to buy from scratch without aiming for a free spin bonus with the function of doubling the bet.

And there were a lot of positive opinions about the free spin bonus round process, and there were opinions like the multiplier is amazing, and you can earn at once with free spins.

Looking at the reviews on the net, Sweet Bonanza has a lot of positive feedback overall, and it can be said that this is a video slot that users highly value.

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